Weekend Wrap Up: Racing in the Rain, Baby Love and Family Fun

We had a great weekend. Last week was really busy, so I was looking forward to a Friday night with no plans. When we made it home, I cooked spaghetti. It's one of my favorites and the boys love it, too, which is always a plus. Our neighbors have kids around our boys ages and they came over and played. Kaden and AB are in the same class and just love each other. They had fun watching something on Netflix.

After we ate, my sister and her boyfriend stopped by for a few minutes. It's always nice to see them.

On Saturday, I hosted a baby shower and one of the things I was responsible for was making a diaper cake. I made one of these for a shower a few months ago and it was really easy. On Friday night, Kevin and K.C. helped me roll up diapers and we got it put together in twenty minutes or less. I've seen a lot of tutorials on Pinterest, but the way I did it was so easy. Next time, I'll take pictures of the steps.

I had a race on Saturday morning. It started raining on Friday night and poured all night, so the boys' soccer game was cancelled. We dropped them off at Kevin's parents while we went to the race. We typically take them with us, but with all the rain and icky weather, we didn't want them out. I'm thankful they have grandparents nearby who are always so willing to help us out in a pinch!

The race was fun and wet. I decided not to push it since I have been sick and spent the day in the ER with a kidney stone. I was happy with my time. I finished in 21:39 (6:59 pace) and was first female and fourth overall. You can read the full race recap on my running blog, Running Smiles.

After the race, we went home and showered and picked up the boys. Kevin's dad had made lunch, so we ate with them and then headed to my parents.

My best friend from childhood is having a baby anytime now and my mom, another friend and I had a shower for her. We had it at my parents' church and it was for the ladies of the church. I didn't do a great job taking pictures during the shower, but I did get one of the diaper cake and some of the food before it started.

While we were at the shower, the boys and Kevin hung out with my dad. The boys got to help him drive a tractor. They loved it!

We stayed at my parents' and visited that night. We picked up dinner and both of my grandmothers ate with us. It was nice catching up with everyone.

We were early for church yesterday! I don't know what it is, but we're always running out the door at the last minute for Sunday School, but yesterday, we made it early. I guess when we decided to start getting ready at 8 am, it helped!

After church, we ate lunch at Kevin's parents. His dad cooks lunch some Sundays and invites us over. It's always nice!

When we got home, we went outside and flew kites. The boys had a blast!

Kaden's kite got stuck on top of the house once, but it was K.C.'s that didn't make it back inside. He flew it for about thirty minutes and then wanted me to wind it in. As I was winding it in, it flew away - into the trees in the woods behind our house. We were still watching it blow in the wind (in the tree) last night.

I worked on getting our built ins decorated some more last night. They're really coming along well. Kevin also framed and hung up a new picture in our room. I'm ready to get our house back in order.

This week, it's supposed to feel like Spring the whole week. I'm so excited! I love this time of year. Kevin has some ball games, the boys have their last two soccer games and my birthday is Thursday!

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