Friday Five 4.18.14 Edition

Kaden's Fifth Birthday Party!
Last weekend, we had Kaden's party for his 5th birthday. It was a blast!

A relaxing week.
I don't have a picture for this week and I haven't taken very many at all, but if I did, they'd all look like this: us doing pretty much nothing. We've had something almost every night for the past while and starting next week, life returns to it's normal state, so this week was dubbed recuperation week and that's just what we've done!

Dying Easter eggs with my boys.
I look forward to dying Easter eggs with the kids each year. We dyed some earlier this week and then Kevin and I hid them plus over 100 plastic eggs in our backyard. The boys had a blast!

A good week of running!
I didn't run much last week and I've had a really good week of running and working out. It feels good to be back in the groove. Kevin gave me an awesome Run Happy t-shirt for my birthday that I can't wait to wear because really, who isn't happy when they're running?

p.s. If you haven't checked out my new blog devoted entirely to running, check it out today and be sure to follow along:

I'm looking forward to celebrating Easter Sunday in a few days. I know Easter isn't really considered a big holiday in the same sense as Christmas, but as a Christian, it's the most important day to remember and reflect on Christ's sacrifice for our sins. I don't know how anyone can make it through life without Him. 


And I'd also like to wish a very happy 33rd anniversary to my sweet parents! Thank you for always setting such a good example for me! I love you!