Happy Birthday to Me! The 28 things I want to accomplish this year.

Today is my birthday! I'm not technically 28 for a few more hours, but I guess I can start celebrating now. I promise that today is the last day of the birthday posts!

You know how goals make me happy, so for my birthday, I have a list of 28 things I want to accomplish this year. In no particular order, here they are:

1. Take a trip to Charleston with my three boys.
2. PR in a 5K.
3. Visit a new lighthouse with Kevin.
4. Pay it forward each month.
5. Write down one thing that makes me happy every day.
6. Tithe.
7. PR in a 10K.
8. Take a trip with Kevin to somewhere we haven't been before.
9. Make an appointment with a trainer at the gym.
10. Go to the mountains with my family.
11. Save X.
12. Lay on the beach all day with no plans.
13. Finish decorating the boys' bathroom.
14. Organize our workout room/office/upstairs play room.
15. Go to the dermatologist.
16. Meet my blogger bestie Kayla!
17. Private
18. Take a fun anniversary trip.
19. Go to Biltmore.
20. Get caught up on our photo books.
21. Grow closer to the Lord.
22. Start a scrapbook of my races.
23. Take the boys to Disney World.
24. Try a new recipe each month. Totally new!
25. Eat cleaner.
26. Finish reading the Bible through and memorize scripture each month.
27. Learn to make grandma's biscuits and breadsticks. (Doesn't jive well with the clean eating, but they're good!)
28. Learn to relax more and simplify. (My husband will be proud of this one!)

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