One of the best Saturdays!

This Saturday was so much fun! I adore days spent mostly outside and with my family and this Saturday certainly fit the bill.

The morning started out with a race. ArtFields is a very unique art competition and exhibition in tiny Lake City, SC. It draws in crowds from all over and includes a $100,000 prize for the winning piece of art. We aren't here to talk about ArtFields - yet - so back to the race.

In conjunction with ArtFields was the Color Me Art 5K. I had not ever run a color run up (I'm not crazy about getting painted), but it was a blast. The weather was absolutely perfect. The race wound around town and started and finished at a central ArtFields location on the green in Lake City.

With my mom before the race.

I managed to avoid getting color on me throughout most of the race. There were three guys in front of me and I was by myself, so I was able to say "no thanks" as most stations asked me if I wanted color.

At the finish line, I got covered in paint, but it was fun. I finished in 20:10 (6:30/pace), was 1st female and 4th overall. I was really happy with the way I ran this race.

The boys didn't want to get near the paint!

The boys were excited about the trophy. It's the largest one I've won.

After I finished, my little guys wanted to run, too. They wanted to run some in the race, but didn't want to get painted.

We think K.C. is going to be our little runner. He is fast!

During the race, the boys got to run around and play and also took some pictures with Kevin and my mom.

After the race was over, we decided to walk around and see some of the art, but first, a stop at the Bakery was in order. We may have gotten a few treats.

We had a great time looking at the art. The boys even loved it! They were so cute looking at the different pictures. They have cards to pick up for most of the art and they picked up their favorites. BeBe got them some treats, too. K.C. chose an ArtFields hat and koozie and Kaden picked out a big cup. 

We stopped at the Caboose for lunch and had burgers before going home.

My sister and her boyfriend had his senior prom Saturday night and a friend of mine did her makeup. She came over with her precious baby and I enjoyed getting to see her and the baby while she helped Stephanie get ready.

After everyone left, Kevin, the boys and I went for dinner at the Mexican restaurant near our house. We had a great time. The boys wanted to play outside when we got home, so we did.

Yesterday was nice, too. We went to Sunday School and then went down to my parents for lunch. My mom and I helped give a bridal shower for a friend. While we did that, Kevin and the boys hung out with my dad. Kaden got to "drive" the golf cart and Kevin took the cutest video of him driving (don't worry, he was in Kevin's lap and he was holding on to the wheel, too, and controlling the gas). Kaden was just talking away the whole time. It was too funny.

I love days and weekends like this one!

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