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It's Friday which means I have a few random things to share with you. Some confessions, some favorites and just some other random thoughts for your weekend.

I confess...

1. Sometimes, we eat cupcakes in bed. And sometimes we eat cupcakes in bed while we watch high-quality reality shows like Southern Charm.

2. I have an addiction to Nike Tempo shorts and dri-fit racerback tanks. Case in point: We just had an Academy Sports open and I may or may not have bought new shorts and tanks (and that's after Kevin just gave me quite a few for my birthday). What can I say? I love my running clothes.

3. I dislike social media sometimes. It's not that I dislike social media all the time, it's just that it takes away from life. (And I know the importance of it thanks to my job.)  Have you ever noticed how many couples are out to dinner and either one or both of the people are playing with their phone the whole time? And how about families when they're out and they use the iPhone as an entertainer for their kids until dinner makes it to the table? (I know we're guilty of that one.) I can't for the life of me stage an IG photo every day. I pull my phone out to take pictures some, but I make it a point not to be on it at home in the evenings during family time. That said, how cute is this recently IG'd photo of our Kaden? He wanted me to touch the lizard he caught while counting insects for his homework.

4. Sometimes my heart feels like it has a dagger in it. Kaden mentioned to me the other night that it was almost time for me to go with him to Muffins for Moms at his school and they had started some things for it. One of the things he had to do he said was to answer some questions about me. He said he didn't think he got my age right (props to K.C. for shouting out 28!). Times like these make my heart hurt. I love my boys more than life itself and I respectfully don't go to this one event even though they both think I should be there at their schools. And that's really when that ugly word in front of mom royally sucks (and I don't really care so much for myself because I know how they feel, but I care for them). And you know I don't talk like that.

5. I almost exploded blueberries all over our kitchen this morning. I am on this green smoothie kick and this morning, I decided to add some frozen blueberries to my smoothie. Word to the wise - the fill line is there for a reason. Follow it!

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5 Happies for your Friday

1. My big boy and I went on a field trip yesterday. We went to Pirates Voyage down at the beach. It was fun. He jumped into our bed at 6 am yesterday (he's our sleeper) and was so excited! On the way down, he looked at me and said "I am so, so happy, Anna!" It made my heart smile!

2. We had an awesome Saturday. Last Saturday was just so much fun. It started with a race, then a fun day looking around ArtFields and ended with us seeing my sister and her boyfriend before prom and dinner at a Mexican restaurant.

3. TODAY IS MY LAST FRIDAY WORKING FOR 3 MONTHS! I don't think I really have to say anything else about that. Let the Fun Fridays commence!

4. I got to watch my husband play softball this week. I got to watch a few of Kevin's games this week. I love to be able to support him. He is great!

5. I'm looking forward to this weekend. It's the first weekend in many that we haven't had a ton of plans. I have a race in the morning, but other than that, not too much is planned. I'm hoping for some relaxation, maybe a movie and just spending time with my handsome husband!

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