A weekend with some firsts

This weekend was full of firsts.

For starters, on Friday night, I coached my first ever baseball game. The boys are on the same team and Kevin was the assistant coach, but when the head coach quit, Kevin became the coach and I somehow became the assistant coach. It was fun! Our team did fantastic! I think we were both thrilled! We have our next game tomorrow night and I can't wait to see how we do.

On Saturday morning, I ran the Petal to the Medal. It was a trail race through one of our state parks. It was beautiful. I love trails and feel like I thrive on them (even if my time isn't a PR). I finished this race in 20:29 (6:36 pace) and was first female and fourth overall. You can read the full recap by clicking here..

The best part besides the actual race were the fresh grilled cheese sandwiches and chocolate milk at the finish line.

Saturday afternoon was another first for us. My sister's boyfriend loves to fish and they invited us to go bow fishing with them Saturday afternoon. If you don't know what it is, it is exactly what it sounds like: fishing with a bow and arrow. I almost jumped off the boat when they caught the first fish - a gar (a trash fish) which looks like a swordfish. I attempted to take a turn, but when I walked to the front of the boat, the fish disappeared. My sister and I soaked up some sun on the back of the boat while the men fished.

Sunday afternoon was another first in a long time for us. We slept late, went to church and lunch and after lunch, took a nap. I'm talking multiple hours. It was nice! I also finished my first book of the month, Swimming Lessons.

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