April in Review and Goals for May

I set 10 goals specific to April this past month. Some of those I accomplished, while others, I did not. I'll be moving some of these goals over to May and hope to get them all accomplished.

April Recap

1. Finish decorating our bedroom - Our bedroom is pretty much done. I want to do a throw pillow with our monogram, but Serena & Lilly doesn't sell the pillow I want in the size I want. I'm going to see if my mom can patch one together for me using the packaging from our duvet cover and shams. I know, pathetic, but I think it will look good. I'd also like to get the canvas below to hang on our wall. Come Thou Fount is such a special song and the fact that we had it sung in our wedding makes it even more special to me.


2. Finish decorating the built ins - Done! I really need to do a reveal of this for you all. We're so happy with the way they turned out. 

3. Get a new kitchen table - fail. We didn't even look in April. This isn't really even a want. It's more of a need. We need a new table because we're using a dining room chair at our kitchen table because our fourth chair broke. fail. We will find one soon. 

4. Finish the boys bathroom - I didn't finish this, but I know what I need to do.

5. Finish our 2013 family book and Kaden's four year book and start on our 2014 family book and Kaden's fifth year book - I don't even want to address this one. 

6. Go through my clothes - nope. It's on the list for May.

7. Run 100 miles - Now this, I did. 

8. Continue to add in core work and strength train at least twice a week - Check. I did good with working out at the gym and at home in addition to running.

9. Try five new recipes - I don't know that I tried five, but I did try some. The winner is stuffed peppers. (Excuse the non-plated peppers. This was right after they came out of the oven.)

10. Organize our pictures - We put a good dent into this, but they're not quite finished. 

May Goals
I'm very fortunate that I only work four days a week during the summer and those four days start this month. Granted, I work a little longer each day, but 45 minutes a day extra is more than worth a full day off. With that said, I have a few projects I want to work on during my days off until the boys are out of school. Once school is out, our Fun Fridays commence, and boy, do they have some fun things planned for this summer!

1. Finish our bedroom, bathroom and boys' bathroom - I'd like to put molding around the mirrors in our bathroom and the boys' bathroom. I'd like to get some pictures framed for the walls of the boys bathroom and get their towels monogrammed. And I need to decide what I want to do about the above mentioned print for our bedroom as well as the pillow.

2. Get clothes hemmed - I have a dress and a few skirts that I need to have heemed.

3. Make a plan for the workout room/office - I know I'm fortunate to have a treadmill and space for it in its own room, but our upstairs workout/office/playroom is not very organized. It's not that it's messy - it's really not. It's just that it's not finished. I'd love to put up some photos of Kevin surfing (Did you know my husband surfs), the boys playing at the beach and doing sports, some motivational quotes and some running photos. Kevin keeps his surfboards in this room as well. We've also talked about setting up the desk area as a place for the boys to use the computer (K.C. has computer-based homework each week). Regardless, I'd like to get a plan in place for what we're going to do and get started on this room. I'd like it to be inspiring and relaxing all at once and be a good place for the kids to play, too.

4. Finish our 2013 Family Book, get caught up on the boys' books and start Kaden's four year book

5. Get the boys school things scrapbooked. I have K.C.'s 4K papers srcapbooked, but his 5K and first grade isn't along with Kaden's 3K. I'd thought about doing ArtKive and even have a book made for each of them, but then the thought of throwing out some of the precious papers just makes me sad, so I've decided to try a different route. I'll let you know how it works and show you if it's good.

6. Paint the front door and railings on the porches and get a new kick plate for the front door - This is a work Friday project while the boys are still in school.

7. Organize our closet and go through my clothes - The amount of clothes I have is a sin. Really. I would show you a picture of our closet, but I'm too embarrassed. We both have a lot of clothes. Couple that with the kids shoes and dress clothes being stored in our walk-in closet and there's definitely a need to straighten up.

8. Get a kitchen table

9. Get caught up on the Old Testament - You may recall one of my ongoing yearly goals is to read the Bible through. I'm doing great following the plan I'm using and I'm on track with everything except my Old Testament readings. I want to get caught up during May.

10. Run 100 miles - I really enjoyed running 100 miles in April and I want to do it again in May.

I have to say that I'm really looking forward to this month. Fun Fridays start again, Kevin and I are going to hear Jack Johnson, some of my favorite races take place this month, we have a few birthdays to celebrate, Kaden gets out of school and it's closer to our annual beach trip with my family.

What do you like about May?

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