My big boy.

I love to remember big things, but the little things, the ordinary every day things are just as important to me as those big events. I look at our two boys and I see them growing so fast and while it makes me almost cry, at the same time, I'm just so incredibly proud of them. I know we lump them together as "the boys" so often, so I thought I'd write about each of them separately over the next few weeks.

K.C. Where do I even begin? K.C. is changing by the day it seems like. I can't believe he's almost finished with first grade and will be seven in a few short months.

K.C. is our independent boy. He likes to do things on his own and quite frankly, he's pretty good at putting things together by himself.

He's interested in learning about everything. Lately, he's been bringing home books about space. He's intrigued by the stars and planets and of course, rockets. Kaden got a little at-home planetarium thing for his birthday and his brother loves it. We watch videos on YouTube of the shuttle blasting off and he likes to look at the stars.

K.C. also loves sports. He has gotten quite aggressive in his young age. During soccer this spring, we saw a competitive side to him we hadn't seen before. He's gotten confident and shows that confidence while he plays. He loves soccer, but he also loves baseball. He's playing his second season of coach's pitch (with Kevin and me as the coaches). He hit from the pitcher both times during his first game. He likes to run, too, and I can't wait until we can run a real race together. He's going to be my fast boy.

K.C. has an understanding of things that seem beyond his age. I'm not saying this in a biased manner, but sometimes, I feel like he understands things better than I would've expected at his age.

His little personality is evolving right before our eyes. I used to think Kaden would be our talkative child at school, but it turns out his big brother is quite the talker himself. He is well-loved by all of his classmates as was evidenced big-time on a field trip I chaperoned last week. He's a funny little dude!

K.C. loves to go to Sunday School now which makes this girl's heart happy. He loves learning about Jesus and asks many faith-related questions. One of my greatest prayers for the boys is that they'll have an unquenchable thirst for our Savior. He loves David and Goliath, Daniel in the Lion's Den and how God parted the sea for Moses.

Our big boy is a great role model and encourager for his little brother. K.C. isn't crazy about playing video games (I'm glad), but his brother loves Mario. K.C. constantly roots for him when we let them play. He's also so sweet with Kaden in the morning. Many mornings, the boys' will come downstairs and be in our bed while we're getting ready. Most days, K.C. snuggles Kaden and tells him how much he loves him. It makes my heart happy.

He loves to play outside, build things, paint things, read (he's really into The Magic Treehouse series), play sports, do everything with our family (he's a family guy like us which tickles me), spend time with all of his grandparents, drive the golf cart at Grandma's and play with his cousins. His tastes are changing which means our formerly sweet-crazed boy will pass up cake and most sweets these days (don't worry - he still loves ice cream!).

K.C. is a saver, too. A saver of everything. Grandma gave the boys' money boxes at Christmas and K.C. has his filled. He's saved every penny he's gotten and started crying when we talked to him about putting his money in the bank. He thinks it's safer with him (and he may be right). He says he's saving his money to buy a beach house. He also saves every note I write in his lunchbox. He's collecting baseball cards and coins and has them all stored in his money box along with some rocks. He's quite the sentimental child.

Lately, he's really gotten into clothes. He loves his "ducky" shirts (Southern Marsh shirts) and wearing a belt. He likes to dress up more than his brother and when he picks out his own clothes, he usually chooses a polo or ducky shirt with shorts and his Sanuks. When he's gotten home at night a few times recently, he's gone and put on his dri-fit t-shirts and shorts, his comfy clothes.

This month is the last for a few years that the boys are at different schools. Kevin and I each take one and I so enjoy those few minutes of one-on-one time with my boys, whichever one is with me on a given day. K.C. and I always talk about our day, practice a few spelling words (yes, I'm that mom) and end with a quick prayer for the day as we sit in carline for a few too many minutes. I won't complain about those minutes though because some of our most precious conversations happen in the car. I love the kisses I get before he gets out of my car and the wave and blown kiss I get from the sidewalk.

He's my best little friend and my favorite 6 year old. I cherish every little smile, hug and kiss. He still likes to hold my hand walking into school on the rare occasion I walk in with him. He likes to snuggle after we read stories and say our prayers each night and falls asleep playing with my hair and cuddled under my left arm. His eyes remind me of big blueberries and we call them his "blueberry ocean" eyes.

He is an awesome little person and I thank God everyday that He chose to make me his Annabelle. And as much as I thank Him, I ask Him for the wisdom I need to teach, shape and mold these precious little hearts. I hope they always know how loved they are and how special they are to us. They're one-of-a-kind miracles and they teach me as much if not more than what I'm teaching them.

To my precious little boy, I love you to the moon and back.