My Little One

A few weeks ago, I told you all about K.C. This week, I want to talk about my little love, my sweet Kaden.

Kaden is growing up way-too fast. He'll finish 4K tomorrow and if I told you that doesn't make tears swell up in this otherwise not-very-emotional woman's eyes, I'd be lying. I can barely pass by his school without a tear. Our baby is going to kindergarten in a few short months.

Kaden is the sweetest child I know. He has the biggest heart and it's full of compassion. When I think of Kaden, I think of sweet things.

Kaden is the first to give you a hug and kiss in the morning or when you walk in the door in the evening. He loves to cuddle, hold my hand and he tells us all multiple times each day how much he loves us.

He's one super popular boy, too. At school, all of his friends' parents tell me how much their kids talk about our Kaden. His teacher's love him, too. And his friends in Sunday School always want to be the ones to play with him or sit by him. I hope he'll always be this loved by everyone and I hope he'll always be a good leader and have a positive influence on the lives of those around him.

Kaden is fascinated by about everything. He wants to know how things work, why they work and many times, he can tell us about them. Right now, he's really into learning about sharks and space.

He loves to color and paint. And he likes to practice his writing. We bought a little workbook last week that has a page for each letter and number. He's already gone through the whole book!

He is our creature of habit. He likes the same things the same way. He notices when things are different, too. For instance, my mom gave the boys one of those little animals that grows in water in their stockings the past two Christmases. This year, we didn't put the cup of water the same place on the cabinet as we did last year. He noticed and made a remark. Me? I wouldn't have remembered where the cup was yesterday!

He loves to play with his trains, Playdoh and cars. He also likes Transformers. Another one of his favorite things to do currently is to play Mario Brothers and Mario Galaxy on the Wii. He's better than I am! Kaden also likes board games. We play the Berenstain Bears game and Pop the Pig quite often. He's our little daredevil, too!

Kaden likes to read, too. He likes Clifford, the Berenstain Bears, the Magic Treehouse series and any books about the earth, space, the weather and the ocean. He also loves to read the story of David and Goliath. Without a doubt, he picks this story multiple nights a week when it's his turn to pick our Bible story.

Kaden loves Jesus and he tells us about it. It makes me heart swell with joy. My greatest prayer is that he'll always have this love for the Lord and want to do His will. When we say our prayers each night, he makes sure we don't leave anyone out and if we haven't listed the people we're thankful for fast enough, he jumps right in. He also prays for the little things like a boo boo. We try to stress to the boys how important it is to pray about everything and how God cares about the little things.

When he grows up, he wants to be a policeman. One day, we were driving along and saw a cop. I mentioned it to him and said something like "do you still want to be a policeman when you grow up?" With almost no hesitation, he said, "Anna Belle, I really just want to be a dad and have a wife when I grow up." He's definitely our sensitive child and so much like his daddy. He also asked me recently if I thought he'd have a pretty wife. Little statements and questions like these make me smile. We talk to the boys about the importance of family and Kevin and I both make a point to say out loud to each other and the boys how blessed we are that God gave us all to each other and what a great husband/wife/Anna Belle-mommy/Daddy we are. Kids learn about relationships and how to treat people from the way their parents are together and it's so important to us that the kids don't just hear how much we love each other and them, but also see it every day.

Kaden definitely has the sweet tooth in our family. He told me one of his wishes when he blew out his birthday candles was that we'd let him have all the candy in the world whenever he wants it. I think he'd eat candy for every meal if we'd let him. I try to give in to his sweet tooth in healthier than candy ways by giving him FiberOne Chocolate Pretzel bars. He likes these and they're not bad for him which makes this girl happy. He nor I have been able to quit our Nutella dates though.

Kaden looks up to and loves his big brother so much. In his eyes, K.C. is it. I'm so thankful they have each other and pray that they will always be as close as they are now.  He is a spitting image of his daddy at this age.  

He brings so much joy to our lives each and every day. If you don't have a smile on your face, he'll put one on it. He's funny, smart, sweet and charming, and his hazel eyes sparkle with his smile. I love to hear him talk and when he tells me secrets (he's not too good at keeping them though!). He loves to give and most of all, he gives to us each day with his sweet little self.

He's my favorite five year old in the world. I hope he'll always have the sweet spirit that he has today. I'm so proud of the big boy he's becoming. Along with K.C., he's our greatest treasure. I pray that he'll always know what a treasure he is to us and what a blessing and privilege it is to be his Anna Belle.

I love you, baby boy, more than all the chocolate in the world!

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