Catching Up

I'm back! I took a little hiatus over the past two weeks and have hardly opened my computer. It's been good spending extra time with family, thinking, healing, reflecting and praying. I've missed you all though and I can't wait to get caught up on your lives! And a huge thank you for all the emails, comments and texts!


We had a great weekend. I'm particularly enjoying the three-day weekends I have in the summer. It's a definite perk of my job!

On Friday, the boys and I went down to my parents for most of the day. They had a great time playing outside, riding the mule and playing Monopoly. Kaden had a little too much fun and ended up taking almost a two-hour nap!

I'm glad Hot Rod was close because we may have run out of gas!

When we got home Friday night, I cooked dinner and then we played outside. Kaden helped me repot some hibiscus I bought for the front porch and plant some flowers while Kevin and K.C. rode electric scooters.

On Saturday morning, I had a race - the National Trails Day 5K. It was at 8 am, but even at 8, the humidity was through the roof! I feel like I raced worse than I have in a long time, but I was happy with my time (20:24) considering the humidity and my lack of taking a day off before the race. I've gotten in the habit of making Friday my long run days since I'm home, but after the last few races, I've decided to cut down on my miles on Friday. After running four the day before Saturday's race, I've decided that on race weeks, Friday will be my new non-running day. 

I finished as the top female and sixth overall.

After the race, my little ones took a cool down run with me. This picture of Kaden makes my heart smile!

After the race, we went home and played before going to my SIL's to swim all afternoon. I also made K.C.'s footprint. When we were little, my mom did our footprints for our grandparents and she and my dad and I decided to do the same for the boys. Kaden and I did his last week, but K.C. got stung by a wasp and we decided to wait for his. Saturday was the day.

My parents' good friends invited us to go to dinner with them and then back to their house for dessert, so we met my parents, nana and their friends for Mexican. We eat Mexican way too much - I will admit that the amount of Mexican I consumed greatly decreased when Kevin and I started dating because he's not crazy about it. That said, it seems like it's our easy, fast go-to when we can't decide what we want to eat and we're both burned out of it. When we got to my parents' friends' house for dessert, the boys had a blast. They have some wild bunnies that they're trying to get back to health and the boys had fun feeding them with an eye dropped. Kaden also helped Mrs. Maggie make chocolate icing and ice the cupcakes while K.C. played with their dog. It was a fun night!

We taught Sunday school and went to church yesterday morning. We have a joint worship service in the summer which allowed the boys to go to Children's Church. We don't typically attend the service during the time CC is offered during the regular year, so I was happy they got to go to it yesterday. They loved it!

After church, we went to Kevin's parents to celebrate my MIL's birthday. We ate a delicious meal and visited all afternoon. The boys sure did enjoy playing with their cousins.

Last night, Kevin put together the gas grill we got for Christmas. I see barbecue chicken in the near future. The rest of the night, we just relaxed and it was good. 

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