It's a Get Things Done Day.


I'm declaring today Get Things Done Day.

After a week of vacation, a work conference and a busy week before vacation, I need a good get things done day. On top of that, we have VBS this week (one of the best weeks of the year) along with some other commitments including two softball games (those were won at 9 after VBS Monday and Tuesday), family coming in town for the weekend and a wedding shower I'm co-hosting Saturday. I'm tired just typing all of that!

What do you do to stay motivated to get things done when you're really crazy busy?

Here are my tips. I'm really just writing these down so I'll follow them. Believe me, I need to!

1. Make a list of what you need to get done each day. I'm a huge list maker, so the first thing I do in the mornings at work is to star the things I have to get done that day or write a new list of things to accomplish on the really busy days (like today).

2. Make a list of what needs to get done and started each week. I use the goals & notes portion in my Erin Condren life planner to write down things that have to get done (or I want to start on) by the end of each week. These are not work related, but personal. This week, I have things like this written down: invitations for K.C.'s birthday, party planning started, pick up a wedding gift (that's done!), reorder a prescription, get things for the shower and a few other things.

3. Determine when you'll do what. This is more for at home. Even though I like lists, the only home lists I make are for the grocery store and for vacation. I don't think I need to check a box when I dust and mop, but if it makes you happy to do it, do it! I know that with family coming in town and late nights every night, especially the last two nights, I have tonight and tomorrow night to get our house cleaned. We unpacked everything, did all the laundry and the kitchen is clean, but I still want to vacuum, dust and steam the floors and put up all the folded clothes. 

4. Set priorities. I have a tendency to want to do what I have on my to do list now even if some of those things aren't important. It's great to get everything done, but it's more important to do the highest priority items first and well before moving on to those things that don't have to get done today. 

5. Take a moment to breathe. I need this reminder. Even with 15-20 things on a to-do list we really need to get done in a given day (like today for me), I need to remind myself to chill. Last night, when we got home after 11 pm, I started to put up some clothes, but it was my husband who told me to go take a bath and relax while he emptied the dishwasher. That has reminded me that today, in the midst of busyness, I need to take a moment of quiet and use that time to talk to God, relax and not think. 

Do you have any tips you'd like to share on getting things done when you're extra busy?

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