The bond of brotherhood.


These two.

Their bond.

A few weeks ago, we were walking to the car from somewhere and this was our view. Two perfect little boys holding hands. My heart skipped a beat at this sight. How blessed we are to have these two precious ones who love each other dearly.

Watching our boys and their love for each other is one of my favorite things. It's interesting to see how they go through phases and how their relationship changes.

Kaden is enamored with his big brother. Totally, completely, 100% crazy about him. He thinks he hung the moon. K.C. is the same way about his little brother. He wants to protect him, lookout for him and help him.

Sure, we have squabbles every now and then. What kids don't? But for the most part, the kids play together really well and it's a rare occasion these days that we have words with them.

I'm so glad the boys have the bond that they share. They are each other's one constant no matter the day. It thrills me that they have this person that they are free to be with. And I love seeing how close they are being only 20 months apart. 

I don't normally have the opportunity to pick K.C. up from school, but during my summer work schedule, I get to pick him up the last few Fridays of the year. Each Friday, as he'd jump in the backseat, he'd reach down and say "hey, brother! I love you!" as he gave Kaden the biggest hug and kiss. So sweet.

It's my prayer that these two will always share this bond and this closeness. I pray that they'll always have each other's backs.

K.C. definitely has the traits of a first-born. I'm one. I should know. He's independent, strong-willed (not a bad thing in my opinion as long as it's channeled in the right ways; my mom may disagree because no matter how many books she read on raising a strong-willed child, my strong-willed self didn't change. Oh well, I think I turned out ok.), conscientious about things, a perfectionist and definitely a leader. He likes to instruct, to show and to teach. He cheers his brother on and shows him how to do new things. I pray he'll always be a good example for Kaden to follow.

Kaden is a nurturer and compassionate child. Those words come really easy when I think of how to describe him. He loves attention - he'll dance around, sing, do cartwheels, whatever it takes to get us to laugh and smile. He also loves being right there with us not in an "I'm so attached to my parents I can't let them out of my sight" way but more of an "I want to be near you and play with you and talk to you" way. He adores his big brother and wants to make everyone feel good. He's also our more sensitive child. I hope he'll always keep these traits and serve others in this way.

These two boys are so different, yet so similar, but one things shines out above the rest: their love for one another. Thank you, Lord, for the gift of this bond.

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