A Day in My Life

When I saw that Leslie's normal Friday Confessions for this week was going to be A Day in the Life, I knew I wanted to participate. I was planning to do a post like this soon, so this worked out perfectly.

What didn't work out so perfectly - normal, that is - was our day. I decided to go ahead and record our Thursday even though parts of it were a little unordinary.

5:45AM: I wake up before the alarm goes off and think it's time to get out of bed. I realize I have 15 more minutes before I need to get up and run when I glance at our clock, so I close my eyes.

6:00 AM: Alarm goes off and I hit off instead of snooze, sleeping through my morning run. (I typically run 3-5 miles four mornings a week before work.)

6:43 AM: Frantically wake up as I've officially slept way too late. Wake up sleeping husband who has also overslept.

6:45 AM: Jump in the shower, very thankful that I had my hair trimmed and colored yesterday and won't have to wash it this morning. (I normally wash my hair every day, mostly because I run and get sweaty, but I always try not to wash it the day after I've had it done.)

7:05 AM: I'm showered, my makeup is on and our boys have made their way downstairs to our bed. I give them good morning kisses as I walk to the kitchen to turn on the waffle iron.

7:08 AM: I get the kids' clothes out (I typically do this at night, but we had a softball game last night and watched Covert Affairs after the boys were asleep and then fell asleep ourselves.), look in my closet for a dress I don't have to iron, and get dressed.

7:12 AM: I tell the boys to go potty, put their clothes on, and to get ready for breakfast. I go to the kitchen to mix up waffles. As I'm pulling out the Bisquik, my pretty pink ceramic drink dispenser falls and breaks into a million pieces. My sweet husband comes in to clean it up and saves the morning while I go curl my hair.

7:20 AM: Boys have made it to the den and Kaden wants to help make breakfast. Since the waffles are already cooking, he asks to set the table (proud of him!). He gets out forks and napkins for everyone. Kevin's fixing our drinks and I'm taking up the waffles.

7:25 AM: We're all at the table eating breakfast and talking.

7:35 AM: I'm done with breakfast, clear off a few plates while Kevin grabs the others, and run to brush my teeth. I also brush the boys' teeth and ask them to put on their shoes while Kevin finishes getting ready.

7:45 AM: I'm already running late, so I refill my water, grab my bags, and kiss all my boys goodbye for the workday. I don't have time to make lunch.

7:50 AM: I talk to my best friend on my morning commute. We've been doing this since college.

8:10 AM: I make it to work. I spend my first few minutes of each day checking my email, voice mail, doing a daily Bible reading and devotion, logging into Facebook to check my company's page, and reading through my media report from the afternoon before.

8:30 AM: I get my real work started for the day. I return emails, voice mails, and begin to proof. On my desk today are a few information pieces that I need to get to the appropriate department by the end of the week. I also finalize billboard locations, look at a proof of a new commercial, and talk with my boss about some upcoming commercial concepts. I send emails to our talented designers regarding various projects and get the status on some other things. During one of my meetings, I decide not to go to the gym for strength training and a run (since I missed mine this morning) during lunch (I normally do strength training during lunch twice a week and can squeeze in two miles on the treadmill with enough time to shower and get back to my desk.) since I have a busy afternoon and I'm tired (we have been go-go-go lately, and while I can normally get up and run, something about these late nights and no downtime has me spent!).

12:07 PM: Since I didn't pack my lunch today (I normally pack lunch three of my four workdays each week), I decide to pick up Chickfila. I know I have a busy afternoon with a tight proofing deadline, so I want to get out of the office. I call my grandma and talk to her while I drive to Chickfila. On my way back to the office, I order an ice cream pie for K.C.'s birthday and talk to Kevin.

12:40 PM: Get back to work. I took my lunch in to eat at my desk. I always close my door when I'm having lunch at my desk to eliminate people walking in and wanting to talk. This rarely works as more people come to visit and walk right in while I'm mid-lunch than when my door is open. Oh well. I check out a few blogs, read my personal email, get in touch with someone about something at church, and call my husband back while I'm having lunch about a detail on an upcoming trip we have to DC (can't wait to share this!).

No pickles: just how I like it unless my K.C. is around. Then, I order extra pickles and give them all to my boy.

1:00 PM: It's time to start proofing. I spend the next few hours proofing a magazine that heads to print this week. I check for grammar, but I'm also checking content and design. I stop after every five spreads or so to check email, proof a few ads, return calls, book some ads and other things that need to be done, and talk to my boss about some upcoming things.

5:13 PM: I finish proofing our magazine with two minutes to spare. I deliver it to my colleague who'll take the next stab at it. To say I'm pleased with our new design that my fab designer has done is an understatement! I go back to my office to check my email one last time before leaving for the day.

5:26 PM: Leave for the day. I talk to my same friend from the morning on our drives home.

5:50 PM: I make it home. All my boys are home before me. I give them all kisses, talk to Kevin for a minute, and watch the boys running around in circles laughing. They are having a ball.

6:00 PM: I'm in the kitchen working on dinner and straightening up. We ran our dishwasher during the day, so I unloaded it and reloaded it while getting things out for dinner. I make hickory smoked pork chops, Annie's Organic Macaroni and Cheese, and fresh blueberries for dinner.

I also work on another batch of chocolate bricks for K.C.'s birthday. Kaden sets the table, K.C. fixes our water, and Kevin helps me get all the food out and to the table.

6:50 PM: We sit down to eat dinner. One of the boys always says the blessing and we talk about our days.

7:10 PM: We've finished dinner. The boys are playing while Kevin cleans up the kitchen. I put the leftovers in other containers for our lunch tomorrow. My sister and our niece stop by to see us. I help my sister with a few college-related questions. Her boyfriend stops by and the boys run to see him.

7:30 PM: We decide to go outside. K.C. wants to play baseball and the girls and I could definitely use some practice since we're playing on our church's coed team. We play for a bit and then I do sidewalk chalk with Kaden because he doesn't want to play baseball.

8:40 PM: We go inside and it's bathtime for the kids. They're typically getting out of the tub at this point, but we stayed outside and played later than normal. We normally have them upstairs by 8:45-8:50 during the school year, but in the summer, we try to make it upstairs between 9 and 9:15. The later to bed, the less we read. While I give the boys a bath, Kevin is gathering up our trash because Thursdays are trash mornings. Once the boys are clean, I put up the laundry Kevin has folded and jump in the shower myself.

My running clothes pile always tends to be the largest!

9:00 PM: The boys are out of the tub and ready for bed, but they're hungry. Kevin takes a quick shower and the boys and I go to the kitchen for a snack. As K.C. says, "My tummy was full, but baseball made me hungry." He must get that from me! He has some bread and cheese and Kaden has a ham sandwich. (We typically don't feed them food this late, but they were hungry and I'm not the kind of parent that won't give them something. They usually eat fruit or baby carrots when it's this late, but I'm not opposed to a sandwich.)

9:20 PM: We're all upstairs and we read our Bible and say our prayers. Since it's late, we don't read any other books (we usually read 3-5 books at night in addition to our Bible and devotion). We turn the lights off and snuggle with our boys until they're asleep.

9:45 PM: The boys are good and asleep and Kevin and I go downstairs. We talk and relax. My sister texts that she's going to spend the night, so we hang out with her.

10:15 PM: We decide to watch Wreckless. We watched it On Demand last week and really enjoyed that it was filmed in Charleston. I eat a bowl of cereal while we're watching as I'm daydreaming about my next Charleston trip.

11:17 PM: Wreckless is over, Stephanie goes to bed, and Kevin and I talk for a few minutes. I read some on my daily Bible reading plan. I'm playing catch up in the Old Testament, so I'm only in Exodus. I'm reading 3 additional days' worth of OT each day to be caught up by the end of this month. Kevin watches ESPN or something as I'm drifting off to sleep.

11:37 PM: I take a screen shot of my iPhone at 11:37 PM and put it down. I talk to Kevin a few more minutes, watch some TV, and snuggle up with him. I'm probably asleep by 11:50 PM.

Maybe I should add updating my apps, deleting voice mails (don't ever leave a voice mail on my cell; I'll return your call anyway), and getting rid of junk mail to my to-do list for tomorrow!

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