K.C.'s Lego Party

We celebrated K.C.'s 7th birthday with a LEGO party on Sunday afternoon. I joke with Kevin that I think the boys are getting a bad habit from me by planning their birthday theme almost a year in advance. Joking aside, K.C. has wanted to have a LEGO birthday since at least last August.

There aren't a ton of LEGO party items unless you go with Star Wars or some of the City pieces (police and firemen). He didn't really want either of those, so we improvised and made our own LEGO theme.

I always want the boys to have their party vision and that was true for this party. K.C. helped pick out literally everything for the party, made his LEGO men for his ice cream pie, and we made a few other items to use for decoration.

The first thing he asked for was a "7" made of LEGOs on the front door.

We've had this birthday banner from Target for probably three years. It's served us well.

This is one of the things we put together to have on a table.

I used a LEGO storage head as the centerpiece of our dining room table.

The boys love balloons on their birthdays, so I always get some. I put them on the mailbox, the front porch, the "birthday chair", the counter, in our den and several other places.

We had pizza for the party. This is before everything was set out. My mom made her famous Hawaiian Cheese Loaf as an appetizer. We also had some of K.C.'s favorite snacks. Kaden and I made holders for the silverware from LEGOs. 

K.C. always wants an Oreo ice cream pie for his cake, but he specifically asked for a LEGO cake to go with it this year. I like to make the boys' cakes. This cake didn't turn out exactly how I wanted, but he loved it, so that's all that matters. We spent all week making chocolate bricks. When I had some cake issues (namely, the top layer split in half so I trashed it), I decided to outline the cake with the chocolate bricks and use the rest for treat bags. I put one of his LEGO cars and men on top.

We put a collection of LEGO men on top of the pie.

 K.C. decided to open his presents before cake and ice cream, so that's what we did. He got some new LEGO sets, a metal detector, a few games, a lot of nice clothes, some other toys, and this silver bar from Uncle Barb which was a huge hit:

After cake and ice cream, Kaden was ready for the pinata. Since they don't sell LEGO pinatas and K.C. didn't want a regular one, we decided to improvise. We wrapped a box in blue paper and let the kids hit it. It was a block if you use your imagination!


My candy baby.

K.C. and Hot Rod also found something with his new metal detector:

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