Staying active on vacation

While it sounds nice to think about going on vacation and not working out, that's just not something I'm able to do. It's not that I'm OCD about it (ok, maybe a little) or can't take a break, it's more like running is a part of my daily life and I can't really not do it for seven days.

A few weeks ago when we were on vacation, I didn't stress over running or not running, but I did make sure I had time to run a few days.

We were staying in a gated community and thanks to my Garmin, I had a nice route worked out. I felt completely safe while running on this vacation thanks to the guard at the end. In the past, I've had some scary hair-raising incidents where I didn't feel like I needed to be running, so I was thankful for the safety I felt a few weeks ago.

My husband happened to snap a few pictures of me from the dock at our house.

We're pretty active when we're at the beach, so I didn't stress about mileage. In fact, I even took a few days off when we got home. The reality of it is this - when you're on vacation with us, you're moving constantly. With two very active sons, a husband who loves to explore and me being me, there's not much stopping. We walked on the beach every day, walked across the point a few times and trudged through the pluff mud looking for things. That's not even counting pulling kids on a boogie board, jumping waves and playing in the ocean.

When we're on vacation, instead of trying to squeeze in a run, I plan for them around downtime. For instance, if everyone was sitting around after breakfast and I knew it would be an hour or so before we did something, I went for a run. In the afternoon while the boys were resting and someone was in the house to listen for them, I'd go for a run before getting ready to do whatever it was we were going to do that night.

I didn't try to run 25 miles that week, but I didn't want to run just 5. I ran 3 times during the week for a total of 12.25 miles. I felt good, it didn't cause a conflict with plans and I got a chance to get used to our humidity as all I've run (for the most part) has been treadmill miles lately.

Do you exercise on vacation? 
How do you fit it in?

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