Tanlines, lost sunglasses and lots of treasure hunting

A few weeks ago, we spent a week down in Garden City Beach with my family. We had absolutely beautiful weather and so much fun!

I'm going to do our recap in several parts because I have so many pictures and things to share.

Kevin, the boys and I got down to the beach pretty early on Saturday. We checked into our home for the week, got unpacked (I always like to take things out of my suitcase when I'm going to be somewhere for a longer period of time), let the boys explore the house and changed into our bathing suits. The beach was practically deserted. The boys loved the tide pools that were by the pointe.

When we made it back to the house, Stephanie and Dalton were there. We all got cleaned up and decided to go to River City Cafe for dinner. We rode up to the one at the Surfside Pier. We had a great dinner. Dinner is always better when you eat it with an ocean breeze blowing in and a view of the ocean.

When we got back to the house, my parents and Nana were there. We visited with them some and then put the boys to bed. We crashed early that night, too. Kevin and I had an early morning as I had an out of town race (more on that later).

Sunday was our first full day at the beach. After breakfast, we rode the boat across the inlet to get gas and then took the boys to the other side of the point. If you're not familiar with what the point is, it's the area where the inlet flows into the ocean. We were staying on one side and across the way is another beach where we love to drive the boat and play.

After a few hours and some snacks at the point, we went back to the house for lunch before settling in on the beach for the afternoon.

Hard at work.

After we played on the beach, the tides were just right in the inlet (low tide), so we took the boat out to some of the islands to shell hunt. It was the first time my mom ever went shell hunting with us and to say she enjoyed it is an understatement.

I love this picture of the boys trudging through the marsh treasure hunting just like their daddy.

On Monday, the men went out in the ocean fishing and we all went on the beach first thing that morning. Kaden is fearless when it comes to being in the ocean (as long as he's not on the boat - that's a different story). He just kept walking and walking and I'd keep pulling him back over and over. I'm glad he loves the water because we certainly do, but at 5, I don't want him out there too far. 

Excuse the tan lines. This was get rid of tan lines/loose sunglasses in the ocean day. 

As much as Kaden likes to be in the ocean, K.C. loves to build and dig and play with his boats. Don't get me wrong, he loves the ocean, too, but he loves building so much.


My mom will kill me for this, but I love this picture of her and Nana. They had walked down to the jetties and I couldn't help but snap it.

The boys and I walked to the other side of the jetties so they could play in the tide pools. This is happiness: two boys and their boats and a big pool of ocean water.

When we got back to our beach spot, my mom and sister had made sandwiches and brought them to the beach for everyone. We sat under the tent and ate and rested some.

Then it was time for Kevin to surf, in shorts and all.

When we came in from the beach, the men went back out fishing and we hung out at the house. Our tired boys took naps (extremely rare for our oldest son) and I hung out with Nana.

After dinner Monday night, we decided to go play putt putt.

I may have been the only person who didn't get a hole in one. And I may not have my sister with the obligatory hole in one photo because she gets one on like every single hole.

There you have it - Saturday through Monday of beach week 1 2014!

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