To My K.C. on His 7th Birthday

Seven. I can hardly believe it. I don't want to believe it. Our big boy turns seven today and I'm at a loss for words which as we all know, is rare for me.

Dear K.C.,

Today, you turn seven years old. Seven whole years old. I can hardly believe it.

I'm so thankful for you and thankful that I get to call you my son. You are a ray of sunshine and a bright light in my life!

I often think back to the first day I met you and your brother and how along with Daddy and you two, my world felt complete. And I think back to that first birthday party - your Clemson party - just three short years ago and now, today, we'll be celebrating your birthday together for the fourth time.

I wish there were words to tell you how proud I am of you. Daddy and I have watched you grow up so much in this short year. You'll always be my little baby, but this year, you've grown more and more into a little boy. You've grown taller, that's for sure, and smarter.

You loved first grade. Your teacher, Mrs. Russell, told us time and time again what a great student you were and how smart you are. You are curious about everything and love to ask questions. I hope you'll always carry this thirst for knowledge.

You are a popular boy, too. When we went on a field trip to Pirates Voyage, all the kids wanted to sit by you. You can tell how loved you are!

At 6 years old, you took swimming lessons, played two seasons of soccer, and coach's pitch baseball coached by none other than daddy and me. It was fun being on the field with you and not just cheering you on from the stands. You also lost your first two teeth at six!

K.C., you are a thinker. You want to know why to most everything. You are very careful with the way you do things and love to plan out what you're going to build. You like things done right, which is a very good thing.

You are very competitive, too. You ran in your first race - a 2K - for fun in the fall. Running hand-in-hand with you the full 1.2 miles is one of my fondest memories. I love seeing how determined you are in everything you do.

This year, you accepted Jesus as your Savior and Lord, and daddy and I couldn't be prouder of you. You've asked us many questions about Jesus and about what being a Christian means. A few weeks ago, on June 26, you prayed and asked Jesus to live in your hearts. My heart smiles when I think about this night and I hope you'll always have a thirst for the Lord.

You are an awesome big brother to your little brother. Kaden adores you like no other. I hope you'll always be best friends with your brother and show him the way to go. He looks up to you. I love seeing the two of you snuggle early in the morning and share your love for each other.

Not only are you an awesome big brother, you're an incredible son. I am so blessed to have sons like you and Kaden. You are always encouraging, sweet, and kind. I love to snuggle with you each night as you still fall asleep playing with my hair. Some of my favorite moments are those few minutes when we're going to bed and we have sweet conversations.

K.C., I hope you always know how much you're loved by daddy, Kaden, me, and all the rest of our family and friends. You are so special! It is my prayer that you'll continue to grow in Christ and let Him lead you in your life. I thank God everyday that He entrusted us with you. There is nothing more special in this world that being Annabelle to you and Kaden and daddy's wife.

You bring so much love and joy to our lives everyday! I love you, my sweet blueberry ocean eyed boy!



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