In the home of Old Bay

A few weeks ago I had to travel to Baltimore for work. Kevin was able to go along with me and work remotely. We spent four full days in Baltimore and while I was in a conference most of the time, we were still able to have some fun (time away with my husband is always fun!).

I had to be in town on Sunday as the conference began early on Monday, so we did what any other couple would do, we hit the road at 4:45 AM to make it Baltimore in time to see the Orioles play at 1:30 that afternoon. We allowed ourselves some extra time, but managed to make it to our hotel by 11:30.

The drive up was pretty uneventful. I drove straight from our house to Richmond where we stopped to refuel and pick up breakfast. Thankfully, we missed all of the DC traffic and besides some rain that slowed traffic down on the DC/Baltimore Express Way, we had a great trip.

We got to the Baltimore Hilton about 11:30, stored our luggage, and went to the Orioles' game. We were staying right across from Camden Yards which was really cool.

We walked around the ballpark and picked up lunch before going to our seats. Kevin had a barbecue sandwich that he said was worth the $10 he paid for it and I had a hot dog because I can't go to a baseball game without eating a hot dog.

Our seats were great. It was cool watching them prepare the field for the game, too.

The game itself was pretty uneventful. Markakis hit a home run to start the bottom of the first inning and that was the only run scored the whole game. They were playing the Mariners, so we got to see Cano which was cool considering he's one of the highest ever paid players in the history of Major League Baseball. Brad Miller from the Mariner's is a Clemson grad, so it was cool to see him, too.

After the game, we picked up a few souvenirs for our babies and then went back to our hotel. We got settled in and then walked down to the Inner Harbor which was about two blocks away from us for dinner.

The Inner Harbor reminded me a lot of Broadway at the Beach in Myrtle Beach. It had the same type of stores and restaurants, but nothing that was purely "Baltimore." We walked around a while and ended up eating on the patio of the Cheesecake Factory. I'm not one to ever pass up cheesecake. And yes, we took a slice back to the hotel with us.

During the days, I attended the conference while Kevin did some work. Monday and Tuesday nights were similar to Sunday. We walked down to the Inner Harbor, had dinner, walked around some, and went back to the hotel. On Tuesday night, we ate at Pickle's Pub which is right across from Camden Yards. Kevin had a delicious looking crab cake sandwich while I tired the barbecue sandwich. We also got to see another lighthouse. This one is very different from the ones we have down South.

One day while I was learning, Kevin took a tour of Camden Yards. He said it was really cool. He got to walk out on the field, go into the dugout, see trophies, see the jumbotron control room, and a few other neat things. I thought it was pretty cool that they still had the information from the game we watched.

My conference ended Wednesday afternoon. We had a really late lunch and rode a water taxi to Fort McHenry. I really wanted to go to the National Aquarium, but the taxi didn't get us back in time to make it. We enjoyed walking around on our last night in Baltimore and finished the trip with another good slice of cheesecake!

As a side note, this is Meg Ryan's apartment from Sleepless in Seattle... in Baltimore.

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