Snapshots of our weekend + a race recap

Our weekend started off nice and hot (by hot I mean the heat index was well over 100 when I left work at 5) with the first soccer practice of fall. I was so proud of our boys at their practices! This is the first year they're playing on different teams and it was cool to see how they each did.

Kevin is coaching the younger team and has Kaden. I'm also out there to help him out. I help by keeping the kids in line, throwing the balls back, and doing whatever he tells me. Soccer is not a sport I'm too familiar with, but I definitely know more now that I did when K.C. started playing three years ago!

Kaden was really aggressive and fast during one of the drills. I think the fact that he's one of the older kids on the team is good for him. He's really stepping up and working hard.

Thankfully, the boys practice on fields side by side, so I was able to watch K.C. some, too. He did a great job from what I could tell!

After practice, Kevin and I had our weekly date at a local place. I love it when we walk in and they know to give us extra ranch without even asking. We typically go to this place after every ball practice. It's also my favorite pre-race meal, and considering I had a race Saturday morning, it made perfect sense to go there for chicken sandwiches.

When we got home, our neighbors who have recently moved, were at their house. It was nice catching up with them.

I don't know what got into me, but I was in a cleaning and organizing mood Friday night. Needless to say, I cleaned out a good portion of our closet. I didn't take any pictures, but I should have. We have a large walk-in closet as it is, but I'm shocked by how large it really is when it's straight and the twenty or more excess, empty shoe boxes are gone!

We also stayed up later than we have in a long time Saturday night and it was so nice!

We had an early morning Saturday. I had a race out of town that started at 8. When the alarm went off at 6, I tried to go back to sleep. I even sleepily asked/told Kevin it was ok to miss the race. He, my constant encourager/cheerleader, said no, so we got up and went to the race.

When we got there, a friend told me to be prepared to race because there was a girl from the high school's cross country team running who runs in the 19s. I was in the "win the race, but don't go all out because it's a million degrees" mindset. Needless to say, that changed.

I started out on the second row which is odd for me. This girl (who was an awesome runner) stayed side-by-side for the first half mile or so. At that point, I didn't know if she was starting strong and pushing me to see if I'd slide or if she was running with fuel left in her tank. I decided not to take a chance and sped off. I stayed ten or so yards in front of her until sometime on the second mile. At that point, we went into the full sunshine (the rest of the course was mostly shaded). I looked behind me with about half or a quarter mile to go and saw that I had a large lead. I didn't want to let up, but I also didn't have to worry about her sprinting at the end.

I finished the race in 20:47 which is slower than I normally run, but for the temperature, I was really happy. It was also the best race I've run in months.

I had a fresh peach after the race which was a welcome change from the typical banana, and Kevin and I talked with our friends until the awards ceremony. I'm partial to trophies and medals (mostly because my boys like them), but at this race, I won a facial from a local spa. I haven't had a facial before and I'm excited about it!

We were home from the race by 10 AM and decided it was a good time to do some yard work. I may have had to ask my husband exactly how to do it, but I weeded a flower bed while he pruned our palmetto trees. We did some work inside after that and were able to mark a few things off of our to-do list.

My mom has been asking me to clean out my childhood closet for oh, about two years, so Saturday seemed like a good time to do that. We went to my parents that afternoon and visited. I also cleaned out two totes full of things to keep and about four giant trash bags full of things to donate. I didn't even begin to touch things like my boxes of third grade memories which I'm sure are full of papers and spelling tests.

Kevin helped my mom cook dinner and it was delicious. My husband is becoming quite the chef!

Kevin's parents had us over for lunch after church Sunday. We enjoyed visiting with them before going home to do a few things around the house.

My little chef helped cook our entire dinner last night. He loves being in the kitchen with me and I love it, too.

After we played, Kevin and I each took one child to work on upcoming school work. Kevin and Kaden worked on reviewing letters while K.C. and I went over his spelling words.

The boys have been asleep by 9 each night since school started and I don't really know what to do with myself. I don't want to jinx it, but I hope it continues. They're getting a good night's rest and we're having an hour or so to chill after they're in bed. It's nice.

I have to brag on our big boy: This morning, when I walked into our bedroom after I took a shower at about 6:30, K.C. was up and dressed. He had gotten up, come downstairs, and gotten dressed, then, he went back upstairs and woke up our sweet baby boy.

And because I can't brag on one without the other, Kaden walked into school all by himself (K.C. was there of course) today. They encourage us to let our kindergarten children out in car line the second week of school, so today, Kaden had to walk in on his own. I was so proud of him. I may have teared up watching my hearts walk in side-by-side. I'm going to take a picture next time.

There you have it, our weekend!

Runners: How do you feel when you slow down in the summer due to heat?
I have a love/hate, mostly hate, relationship with the fact that the heat makes me slower. I'm used to one speed and I don't like it when I'm giving more effort for less speed.

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