Thankful Thursday

Today, I thought I'd share some things I'm thankful for. You'll have to excuse the picture-less post.

1. Cooking dinner with my husband. We cooked dinner together on Monday night and it was fun! WE made sausage stuffed mushrooms, sweet potatoes, and steak with fresh mushrooms and onion. It was good and I think we should do this more often! (Don't you, KT?)

2. The boys having a great first week of school. I'm really thankful that the boys have had a great first few days of school. They haven't had homework yet which they're enjoying I think, but they're having so much fun at school which really sets the tone for the whole year. Kaden particularly enjoyed PE yesterday. He was so cute telling us about it last night. 

3. Quiet time. If there are any other parents reading this, you understand what I mean when I say I'm thankful for quiet time. I absolutely love the chatter of our kids and the noise that comes with raising a family, but I had forgotten how much I really like a few minutes of quiet. I've had a few minutes of quiet most days this week whether at lunch or in the car and it's really recharged me. And besides literal quiet time, I'm thankful for time with the Lord each day. I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying following a plan to read thru the Bible this year. 

4. On Demand channels. Kevin and I rarely watch shows when they come on TV, but there are a few shows we like to watch. I'm glad we have OnDemand so we can watch these anytime we want, well, unless Time Warner decides to not cooperate.

5. A routine. I love a routine. I love a schedule. I love knowing what we have to do. This could explain why my love for a paper calendar is so strong. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy doing things randomly, too, and summer is awesome, but I'm thankful for the routine we're back in now that school has started. I'm a creature of habit - although not as much as my five year old - in some aspects it seems.

What are some things you're thankful for today?

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