Darlington Race Weekend Recap

This past weekend was filled with running and it was so much fun!

You may remember that last year, I ran a half marathon in Darlington. This year, I decided against the half, and ran two races: a 5K on Friday night and a marathon relay Saturday morning.

The 5K was fun Friday night.

These two little guys were excited about the race. We're not really NASCAR fans, but you know all little boys like race cars. They thought it was especially cool that not only did we get to drive thru the tunnel beneath the track, they got to run on the actual track and stand where the race winner is presented with a trophy. 

I can't wait to run real races with them one day!

 My heart.

The home stretch. This was not my fastest race. Granted, there were two tunnels with steep inclines and a big hill, but still, I didn't go all out. I knew I had 6.5 to run the next morning and realized about a mile into the race that chicken and rice is not a great thing to eat before a hot race!

Kevin deserves the trophies. He's my greatest encourager and he's always right there telling me to sign up for the next race and waiting at the finish line.

Former Patriots take the win. The three of us all graduated from the same college. The guy on the left won the 5K and the half marathon the next morning. The man on the right was 2nd overall. They both ran competitively in college. I wish I had.

My friend Kayce and I with our Miss Southern 500 leg pop.

On Saturday morning, we ran a marathon relay. I ran the last leg for our group. It was really fun. When it was time for me to start, I knew we were in second by a good bit, so I didn't worry about my time. I had a bit of a stomach bug over the weekend, so I was just happy to run.

I had a great time cheering on the marathoners as they were running their last miles. When I got back to the track for the final 1.5 or so of my leg, my teammates ran with me. It was nice to have that encouragement because I needed it. My stomach did not want to be running.

All in all, it was a great weekend of running. 

While I was running the relay, the boys were playing soccer. In six seasons, I've missed two games. One of those was last year's half marathon and the other was for the relay Saturday. In each of those games, K.C. has scored two or more goals. I'm beginning to think I'm good luck when I'm not at his games!

So thankful to be able to run!

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