Snapshots from our weekend

Our weekend started out as it normally does this time of year with soccer practice right after work. We decided that Fridays would be the best night for soccer since the boys are both in real school and K.C. especially has a lot more homework. I didn't take any soccer pictures because I'm helping Kevin coach. (I use the term "coach" loosely!)

After soccer, we went to our Friday night spot for dinner then went to pick up a birthday gift for Kevin's best friend. That night, we watched the special Saving Dr. Brantly on NBC. It was really interesting.

Saturday was a busy day that started off with us leaving our house at 6:45 for a race.

 My friend Kayce and me before the race.

It was H-O-T, but I was very pleased with my time. I'm still about a minute slower than I normally am (finished in 20:32 Saturday), but with temperatures in the high 90s even first thing in the morning and high humidity, I'm happy. I finished as the first female and 3rd overall. Racing season has officially started again!

As soon as the race was over, we headed back to town for the boys' soccer games. With them playing on different teams this year, we're thankful that there are only two days that they play at the same time. This past Saturday was the first day. Thankfully, their teams played on teams side-by-side, so I ran back and forth so I could watch them both. 

Kaden played so hard! He only walked over to me on the side one time, and if you know our Kaden, you know he likes the snacks and trophies. I'm so proud of him!

K.C. played awesome, too! He's in an older league and he played so strong! He hardly sat on the bench. Watching him wearing number 4 (Kevin's number), made me think of how Kevin must've looked when he was little and played. Our boy is competitive! 

(Most of the pictures are from my phone and I was at Kaden's game the same time K.C.'s ended, so I didn't get his picture with my phone.)

After the soccer game, Kevin's best friend and parents came over to watch the Clemson game. Brian's birthday was yesterday, so we celebrated with a cake.

We had dinner with some friends Saturday night. Maggie is one of the best cooks in the world. Kaden loves cooking with her, so she had some cupcakes waiting for him to ice when we got to their house.

We had a real Southern meal complete with fried chicken, rice and gravy, macaroni and cheese, beans, and to-die for biscuits. And banana pudding for dessert.

Yesterday was promotion Sunday at church. The boys moved up to a new class and we moved up to teaching 5K which is Kaden's class. After church, we went to lunch and then had the best day at home. We built forts and tunnels and after practicing spelling words that included the word "mine", the boys went mining for treasure.

After dinner, we took my sister to her new apartment and the boys had fun exploring and Kevin fixed a few things for her. 

We stopped by Wal-Mart (one of my least favorite stores) to get a few things and the boys saw these ninja costumes. And we got them. And they were only $6. And they've been Ninjas a million times already, but it makes them happy, so there. haha

We had an awesome weekend and I'm looking forward to a great week!

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