The seven top things that made this weekend fun

1. I ordered our new iPhone 6s. They should be here Friday. I can't wait!

2. Soccer practice got cancelled due to some horrible rain we had. While I ordinarily enjoy practice, I was really excited that we got to eat dinner at home and decorate for Halloween/Fall even if our den looked like a pumpkin graveyard by the time my boys finished with it!

3. I had a great race Saturday morning. I was slower than I would've liked, but I'm happy with my time. The race started later than usual (9am) and consisted of a solid mile through the woods on trail. I love trail runs, but something about the wet leaves and bridges was discomforting to me. The humidity was also about 95%. I'm really trying not to stress over my times during this hot and humid time. I know that once fall is here and the air is back to normal, I should be back in the low/mid 19's consistently and may even have a shot at breaking my 18:56 PR.

(This flattering photo does not make the list of my favorite things from this weekend!)

4. The boys played awesome in soccer and both of their teams won! I missed Kaden's game because it was at the same time as my race (which I hadn't planned to run, but someone sponsored me for the race so I had to do it.), but Kevin said he played really well. I saw most of K.C.'s game and he was great, too!

5. We had a fun, relaxing Saturday afternoon where we really didn't do anything. Kevin had my car cleaned and while he was doing that, the boys and I went to Sam's to look for a pumpkin. We decided to get a treat on the way home from Sonic. Note the 5 pound jar of cherries beside Kaden. He loves cherries and was more than a little excited when we saw those at Sam's!


6. Kevin and I went on a double date with his best friend and one of my running friends Saturday night. It was fun!

7. I got in an 8.1 miler (the .1 is important) last night. It felt great outside with the temperature in the low 70s.