You can have your zit back, 2nd grade and some other Tuesday thoughts

Today is the day for a brain dump.

Dear 2nd grade, you can have your zit back. I didn't think I'd be one of those parents that stresses about school, but I was wrong. Second grade has me stressed! I'm blaming it on this little unwelcome visitor that showed up. I don't stress much and haven't had one of these things in years!

I think I want to start operating using only cash. There have been so many hacks lately and now we've found out that Home Depot's security breach lasted much longer than originally thought. I may not shop there on the regular, but I do go to Target quite often and we all know what happened there.

Running less isn't cutting it. I try not to talk about running all the time, but I really love it. I typically run about 100 miles a month which isn't a ton if you're a marathoner, but if you race 5 and 10K's like me, that's a good amount. Last month, I ran less than 50 miles which isn't cool. We may have been out of town part of the month and school started back, but I'm usually a little more prudent about fitting in my runs no matter what is going on.

The next Royal baby. Need I say more? With all of the horrible things going on in our world, I was so excited to hear about the next addition to the Royal family. I may also be slightly obsessed with Will and Kate. Let's not even start talking about my other favorites who are having babies next year (hint: Carrie Underwood).

I'm giving up sweets officially (except maybe once a week). I have eaten more sweets than I care to admit the last few days. That may have something to do with that little bump on my face. While I don't over indulge, I feel sluggish when I'm sugared up.

And as an aside, I think we should say no to the Keep Calm things.

Dear new iPhone, I need you. I've been waiting for this day for months. Okay, maybe that's being overly dramatic, but I do need a new phone. I've not ever been one to trade in my phone very often, but I'm still living with the iPhone 4. Yes, you read that correctly, the iPhone 4. Not even the S. And I've had it for three years. Please, Apple, tell me when I can get my new phone!

What's a good cotton anniversary gift? Our second anniversary is next month and I'm thinking about what to get my husband. Somehow, a cotton t-shirt doesn't seem very romantic or anniversary like.

I really want to be a better blogger. I used to love blogging every day. I'd come up with posts in my head and jot them down as soon as I could. I enjoyed interacting with my readers and loved watching my readership grow. Now? I still feel the same way but I can't seem to find the time to get it done. I want to do better and if you're still reading, please let me know!