I like pie and some other randomness from our weekend.

This weekend was a nice one and a productive one. We started out with soccer practice and pictures Friday night. 

They both took pictures Friday night. I happened to grab a quick one with this little cutie. I'm helping (I'll use that term very loosely) Kevin with Kaden's team, so I wasn't able to get a picture with K.C. The boys weren't home this weekend, so it was great getting to give them big squeezes at practice and their games. It certainly helps to see them just a few minutes.

After practice, we went to dinner at our usual Friday night place. Kevin's friend Brian ate with us and then stopped by our house to visit and watch some football. 

The boys both had games Saturday morning and played really well. I haven't downloaded the pictures from my camera yet, but as you can see, somebody is getting his picture taking skills from his Annabelle! K.C. is the same way, but at this time, he was on the field.

I'm so proud of how hard the boys are playing this season. They seem to really be enjoying it and their (especially K.C.'s) competitive drive is coming out.

After practice, Kevin and I ran a few errands. We stopped by TJ Maxx to return a console table I bought. I have this spot in our foyer where I really wanted to put a console table with two tall lamps because I love that look. I found a table that was the right size, but when I got it home, it just didn't look good, so we took it back. We also stopped at Chickfila for some lunch and I ate my first fries in over a month. They weren't that good.

After lunch, we ran over to my inlaws for Kevin's dad to cut the molding for my mirror framing project. I can't wait to finish it up this weekend.

We got home with about an hour of free time before the Clemson game. I used it to run 5 miles (33:29 - I'm working on my speed!) and get ready for the game.

We went back to Kevin's parents to watch the game. His dad always does great food, too. Nana made some apple pies for the first game and we left one in the freezer to heat up for another game. I may have enjoyed it. (No, I didn't eat the whole pie, but no one else wanted anymore, so I just picked out the apples and some of the crust.)

We spent Sunday at my parents. It was homecoming at their church, so we went to that and then hung around and visited.

When the boys got home, we played outside. We had so much fun playing soccer and baseball. We also mixed up some monkey bread to cook this morning for breakfast. It was so good!