Our weekend: the end of soccer and house projects

This weekend was really fun!

We started out with a fun parents vs. kids soccer game in both of the boys' last practices. I didn't make it to play in K.C.'s game due to an event at work, but he had a blast. I was able to play in Kaden's and let's just say there's a reason I won. Between my husband and I, we knocked over about four kids and smashed another parent in the face with the ball (that was my husband). We may be a little too competitive. Really, it sounds dramatic when I type it out, but it wasn't. We all had a great time!

After the fun, we went to dinner at our favorite place and called it a night.

I had to be up and at work early Saturday morning for an event. The boys had their last games of this season and I hear they played really well. I made it to the last 30 seconds of K.C.'s game. I am so proud of them!

After soccer, Kevin rode with me to work to move a few things and then we ran to the mall to pick up a birthday gift for my dad and some new clothes for the boys. They are growing like weeds!

We watched the Clemson game that afternoon. It was a little intense!

After the game, I worked on my mirror framing project. When I was finishing the edges of some of the molding, too much paint came out and let's just say I needed to get it off. I sat in the garage and worked on that and when I was done, my sweet husband finished painting them. After church yesterday, we got them hung.

I can't wait to share the full project with you later this week (once the tape is gone!).

We also finished decorating for Halloween. I thought we were done, but the boys wanted the old light-up pumpkins on the porch. And like any good mother, I put them out despite their yellowing. (Read: Does any body know where I can find some good light up pumpkins for next year? Ours are pretty big.)

Kevin also put up a new picture of our family. I originally printed the photo and got the frame to go in the boys' bathroom upstairs, but it looked really good when he got it together, so we decided to put it in the entryway. I'll share pictures soon.

My parents came over last night. It was good to visit with them. Kaden had to show off his new skill of swinging really high by himself. 

I'm looking forward to a great and productive week and a fun little trip this weekend!