Reminiscing about the '90s

It's so crazy to think about how things change so fast. When I think about the world my kids are growing up in and the one my husband and I grew up in, it's so different. And scary. And when I think about the things I had and thought were cool, it makes me laugh.

I had a great childhood. I have so many fond memories of growing up. My parents were so involved with me and everything I did. I played outside almost all the time, I baked with my mom, I hit softballs with my dad, and I spent a lot of time playing with my friends and cousins, and visiting with my grandparents. I watched cartoons, liked Disney movies, and loved to read Nancy Drew books.

And, I thought all of these things were really cool.

When I was little and got a Game Boy, I thought I was so cool. I had two games, I think. I took this from my parents not too long ago thinking the boys would like it. It's not quite as cool as the iPad and every other electronic device we have.

After school, I loved to watch Saved by the Bell and Family Matters. I wanted to marry Zach Morris!


I loved to play with my Puppy, Kitty, Bunny, and Pony Surprises (mildly creepy toy concept now that I think about it). I was always so excited to see how many babies they each had when I got one. I can't believe they make these things again. My youngest niece may be getting one for Christmas!

I also loved my Polly Pockets. I used to take mine with me to church. When I was in mid-late elementary school, I would sit at the back under the balcony with my friends. My parents were involved in different parts of the service (my mom is the music director), so I didn't always have an adult back there with me. I remember many times that my friends and I would sit on the floor in this back spot and play quietly with our Puppy Surprises and Polly Pockets during church. I wouldn't dream of letting my kids do that today and I don't know how I got away with it back then.

I also had a pretty awesome Barbie house that I loved to play with.

And my all-time favorite thing to do was to roller skate. I found this picture on Pinterest of the exact skates I had. I spent hours in the driveway roller skating to the soundtracks of Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and other Disney classics (and Celine Dion). It was so much fun.


I still have roller blades today, but I have a feeling my husband and boys would laugh if I started off around the neighborhood with them. 

What are some of your favorite things from your childhood?

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