What Happens When I Don't Run

I took six days off. Six. This is coming from someone who at the most, takes two days off a running each week. The first off day was planned, the second off day was ok because I was really busy and there was humanly no way to run that day. The next day was off because we were busy and the next three days were off because I had to take them off for a test I had to have.

I ran four miles this morning before work and it felt great!

Knowing I was going to have to miss a few days of running (not six), made me pay attention to how I feel when I don't run. These are the main things I noticed:

I say all that to say these few things: If you don't run/walk/jog or engage in some kind of daily (at least 5x a week) exercise, start doing it! When I exercise, I'm energetic, productive, and sharp, and my body craves healthy things. Exercise is not something you do to look good (that's a bonus, but it's not the reason); it's something you do because you want to be your best self. I'm not my best self when I'm groggy and wanting to eat a million of those little butterscotch cookies my husband introduced me to. I'm my best self when I'm sweating, releasing endorphins, and making sure I carve out the time that's needed to run and exercise. Just try it for a few days and see how great you feel!

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