iPhone Photo Dump with One Sentence Captions

In honor of us (finally!) getting our new iPhones (they were pre-ordered in September on the first day you could pre-order them and are shipping THIS week!), I thought I'd empty out some photos from my ancient iPhone 4. That's right, folks, not even a 4S.

K.C. loves babies, especially Isabelle!

Friends reunited (and I promise I was only 4 feet away and they weren't driving).

My Kaden and his Leaf Man inspired by the book The Leaf Man

Ladies dinner at our church where I, the hostess, forgot cups and nearly forget silver.

He is obsessed with my Uggs and pulls them off of me as soon as I sit down.

I'm reading Proof of Heaven, a quick and easy read that really makes you think and was loaned to me by my MIL.

The boys love packing Operation Chirstmas Child boxes and I love seeing the joy they receive when they write letters and draw pictures to put in their boxes.

This is what happens when you're on a local radio show that airs from a really good restaurant that happens to serve breakfast.

We cleaned out the playroom and donated bags of toys to the House of Hope.

My little turkey with his little turkey!

I went to a retreat for work last week and this haunted house was right beside the cottage where I stayed (and was awake most of the night because Anna = Scaredy Cat).

Big Brother was at home sick (we'd been up all night and in Urgent Care all morning), but Kaden and sweet "Baby Lydia" (as he calls her) still had fun at her third birthday this weekend.

He loves to cook.

Two of my favorites just enjoying talking to each other.

Super Isaac!

My heart!

Singing in the rain... and dancing in every puddle he could find while using his new umbrella running into church late this past Sunday.

K.C.'s first basketball practice last night!

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