Weekly Thoughts

Life has been busy and full lately, but I've had little time to sit down and put a cohesive post together. So, today, I'll share with you some of my many random thoughts.

1. It is cold. Like I feel like we're in the Antarctic cold (Yes, I know that's an exaggeration.) I did a segment on a local radio show this morning and left my house earlier than usual, and when I pulled out of the garage, my car said "Ice 19 degrees." That is cold.

2. I ordered our Christmas cards this week. And I'm super excited about them. I've used Minted.com the past few years and love the quality, so I went with them again this year.

3. Kaden cracks me up. Kevin said they were talking about how even when they grow up, they'll do fun things together like go hunting and fishing and watch football and Kaden said just as serious as anything, "and our wives will run with Anna." I love it!

4. I've done more Christmas shopping this past week than I ever have before Thanksgiving. It's been good, too. We just need to start wrapping as we buy instead of spending hours at a time frantically wrapping closer to Christmas.

5. I've really been enjoying reading lately. I used to read books a lot, but then life happened and there are only so many free minutes in a day and so books didn't happen, but lately, I've been finding (or making) some time to read and I've been enjoying it. I'll share my latest books in a separate post.

What random things are you thinking on this cold Wednesday morning?