A New Year | GOALS for 2015


I love times of reflection and times of looking forward, and the beginning of each new year is the perfect time for both. After looking over my goals for last year and thinking towards the year ahead, I made some intentional goals for 2015.

I tend to easily overcommit to things and to fill every minute with something. The past few weeks off were a great reminder to me of how awesome it is to just be still and not have every second planned (more on that later). This year, my overall goal is to Be Present.

It's really easy to be involved in many things, but to fully enjoy them and life, we have to actively Be Present. This means setting aside the continual multi-tasking, filling in every "free" minute with something, and having less things on the to-do list to cross off.

It's going to be a challenge for me to become more laid back, but it's worth it. I want to fully Be Present in every aspect of my life.




What are your goals for the new year?

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