Happy Friday! I don't know about your week, but mine has flown, which has been welcome considering this is my first week back this year. Thankfully, I love what I do, but it is nice to have a fast week. Now if only the weekend will go slow.

I'm linking up with Leslie for Confessional Friday.

one | We watched The Bachelor this week as in my husband and I sat snuggled on our couch for three full hours on a Monday night watching The Bachelor. We haven't ever done that before (watch the premier). I could count on both hands the number of times I've watched an episode of that show. I must say, it was pretty entertaining.

two | For someone who normally runs 5-6 days each week, I took three whole days off from Monday until Thursday when I ran five. It was nice, too. Sometimes, I think it's good to have a few days off.

three | I have to quit my late-night snacking habits. When I run like normal, I'm usually hungry if I'm still awake at 10:30 or 11, but when I don't run like normal, I'm not really hungry, but I still like my snack. Usually, it's a bowl of cereal, but since Christmas, those little chocolate Santa's have been really, really good at disappearing by 11 pm.

four | I had a major kitchen fail Wednesday night. I wanted to make a good dinner, so I planned on cooking pork chops, corn, and brown rice. Well, when we got home, I realized that I only had real brown rice (the brown rice I'm referring to uses beef broth and beef consomme in place of water) which takes forever to cook. With homework to do, playing to be had, and baths to give, I opted for the microwaveable instructions to cook my brown rice. Major fail. FYI - it says to microwave for about 25 minutes. I microwaved an extra ten minutes and my rice was still as hard as it was in the bag. Good thing the boys like pork chops and fruit!