Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Last year, I enjoyed making goals for each month and sharing them with you. I feel like I did pretty good with that until the middle of the year, and at that point, this little blog of mine took a backseat. I still enjoyed reading all of your blogs, but as for me, I didn't have the time I felt like I needed to devote to this space. I like to use it as an outlet for my thoughts and a journal for my family, but truthfully, the thought of anybody and everybody being able to read about my little family is slightly scary to me. And I digress.

That said, I thought I'd use this post as a way to ease back into this whole blogging thing.

one | Go through my clothes and donate what I don't wear anymore.

two | Run 80 miles.

three | Put my phone down more.

four | Read two books.

five | No unnecessary spending.

six | Try one new recipe.

seven | Go see a movie.

eight | Have one play date for the kids.

nine | Start on new photo books.

ten | Backup all photos on our hard drive.

What are your goals for January?


Erin LFF said...

You know I always love a goal post :) I want to continue getting rid of clothes, even though we've done a lot of it I still feel like there is more to donate! I like seeing a movie as a goal, I should have added that to mine! There are quite a few I want to see right now!

Kayla MKOY said...

I love everything about this. Goal posts rock my socks. I love that you have a couple photo goals, and they are all super realistic (although you know I think you're crazy to run 80 miles in ONE MONTH!) but thats one reason I love ya! ;)

Ashley Robyn said...

Amazing goals to start the year off right! 80 miles!!! You go girl! I need to finish a few photobooks also. I don't know why I can't just make myself sit and DO THEM!

Ashley Ponder said...

I had to tell you that with all the new year resolutions posts around that I didn't really pay attention to the January part. As I was reading I was thinking I was reading your new years resolutions and I saw 2 books. I judged you a little. I was like 2 books for a whole year??? Wow! She must really not like reading. I just had to share how I gave myself a little chuckle and learned how important it is to actually read the post's title.

Jen K said...

I've missed you my friend! I'm trying to get back to reading my favorite blogs. That's definitely one of my goals. I just went through my closet and that felt awesome. Now to keep it organized :) Happy New Year Anna!