Last week was such a refreshing week. Kevin and I didn't have to go into work and the boys were out of school. It was just so nice!

The week before - Christmas week - was nice, too, but it was busy. We had a great time celebrating Christmas with our family, but it sure was nice to have last week with absolutely nothing to do.

For the most part, we stayed home everyday. We'd get up and have breakfast and a leisurely morning before taking on the day. And by taking on the day I mean we'd play, ride bikes, and play basketball. We even watched a movie or two.

It was so nice and refreshing!

Weeks like that one that are out of the routine of packed schedules, long to do lists, and other commitments always provide a much needed sense of refreshment. So far, we're doing pretty good about carrying that same feeling over into the first "real" week of 2015 and it's something that I hope will continue.

Here's to a year that's packed with loads of fun and love!