Last year, I attempted to take a picture a day. While I take a ton of pictures (trust me, ask my kids), I quickly failed at the photo a day. This year, I'm attempting it again.

January 1: Coca cola icees to ring in the New Year for my two cuties!

January 2: Days like today make me happy. Lots of relaxing at home, yummy Mexican food for dinner, family games (even if when we all four play Mario Brothers it gets a little chaotic), the smiles of my three loves, reading (#wild), and nighttime snuggles. 
When we were reading the boys' devotion tonight (Jesus Calling for Kids), it talked about putting everything aside and focusing on God first. The busyness of our lives will be there after we've spent time with Our Savior. Sometimes, I can get so caught up in the busyness of life that my quiet time isn't always very quiet. I took advantage of the stillness in our home tonight thanks to the gentle reminder from our devotion and feel so refreshed. 
You will seek me and find me when you see me with all your heart. Jeremiah 29:13

January 3: The Grand Prix is complete! So thankful for such a great year of running in 2014! It's been a year of races (19) and lots of fun. Thankful for my three boys who cheered me on at all of these and for my family who was there to celebrate with us tonight. Here's to another year of fun running! 

January 3: First race of 2015 in the books! Legwarmers for Literacy 5K | 19:45 | 1st Female | 4th Overall 

January 4: Sundays after church once consisted of naps. Those turned into runs around the neighborhood with the boys in the stroller, and those transitioned to scooter riding. We're now running beside the kids as they ride their bikes and it couldn't be more fun!

January 5: Tonight, we did something we don't do often enough. After work and K.C.'s basketball practice, we came home and Kevin cooked steaks and then we sat on the couch watching tv the rest of the night. Ordinarily, I'd feel guilty for not doing anything, but in keeping with this year's goals, I'm aiming to relax more. There's not much better than spending the evening relaxing with my sweet husband!

January 6: On off days like today when I don't run, I still like to be active. Tonight, we played basketball.#imaynothavelosteverygameofhorse 

January 7: One of my favorite parts of the day is reading with the boys each night! 

January 8: I have this thing for salads lately. 

January 9: First book of 2015 complete! 

January 10: Today was a great day that started with this guy's first basketball game! The rest of the day included a first birthday party, movie date with my husband (Mockingjay, finally), project at home, good run, and some take out for dinner. I'd say that's a pretty good Saturday! 

January 11: My little scientist! Kaden couldn't wait to do a science experiment today. We did two tonight! 

January 12: My guys. I love them so much!

January 13: These two. They love each other so much! ❤

January 14: It's been a full day -- a school delay which gave us a few extra minutes with our sweet little ones before work and a night full of homework including fun games that may involve my exercise ball and spelling, snuggles with my sweet boys, a yummy dinner, and all the things we do to get ready for the next day. Now, I'm taking a few minutes to unwind with this new book. So thankful for this full life of ours!