For Your Friday

Happy Friday! I don't know about you all, but I'm glad today is Friday. I'm looking forward to a fun weekend with my family.

Here are a few things for your Friday.

1. This guy lost his third tooth Tuesday and scored a goal in his soccer game! He tried to get me to pull his tooth Monday night, but it wasn't super wiggly and I didn't want it to hurt, so we decided he'd wiggle it all day Tuesday, and after soccer, I'd pull it. That afternoon, it came out on the playground and he couldn't find it, so he wrote the tooth fairy a note.

I may have taken this too far:

2. This picture is all Kaden: play hard, snack hard! Our little one who, until this year, would run to me multiple times during his games wanting to know when it would be snack time, has turned into quite a good little player. He still loves his snacks though! Love him!

3. Bowling fun! On Monday, we went bowling with the kids group from church. Kaden got a strike and K.C. scored the highest on his team. They were both excited!

4. Our new pet! When Kevin was doing yard work last weekend, he found this cute little turtle. We decided to bring it inside for the boys. They quite like it!

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