The Best Week

Y'all, last week was just the best week. We had such a good time. I looked at Kevin a few times last night after the boys had gone to their mom's and just said "it was such a good week." It's hard having children who aren't with you one hundred percent of the time and I know I at least feel like we have to fit in all the things we'd do if they were with us all the time in less time than that. Some weeks I feel like we spend so much time doing the necessary things that we don't always have a tremendous amount of time to just sit and play and it feels overwhelming, but other weeks, I just feel like we had an awesome fun-filled week all the time and it makes me happy. It certainly doesn't make it easier to kiss them goodbye for a few days, but it does make my heart feel calm.

On Monday, I left work a little early and took the boys bowling with the first and second graders from church. It was fun! I love seeing how they interact with their friends. Kaden got his first strike. He was so proud of himself as was I. He rolled (err... threw) the ball down the lane and turned around because he didn't think it was going to be good. I had to tell him to turn around and watch as all the pins went down at once. He immediately ran to his brother to tell him about his strike! K.C. did awesome, too, and was the highest scorer for his team. He even got a little prize at church yesterday for it.

Both of the kids had soccer games last week. They each technically had two, but due to more rainouts, they only played one each and the season ended. It's been the wettest, yuckiest soccer season we've had. K.C. played on Tuesday night. His team "won" (even though they don't officially keep score, you know we do! haha) and he scored a goal! I was so glad to get to see him score -- and get it on camera! We always joke that he scores when I'm not there. I very rarely miss any of their games, but of the 2-3 I've missed in about eight seasons total, he's scored a goal. He even scored one earlier this season when I was watching Kaden's game, so to say I was excited to see him score again is an understatement. Kaden played his last game on Thursday night and I was so proud of him. In the past, he's run over to me multiple times during his games asking about snacks, but this season, he's played the whole time. He has turned into quite a good little soccer player and I couldn't be more proud!

K.C. lost his third tooth Tuesday night, too. During his bath Monday, he tried to get me to pull it (Kevin can't even stand to hear about a loose tooth, much less pull one!), but it really didn't feel loose enough. K.C. is one of these kids who won't want to do something again if it hurts, so I didn't want to pull it and have it bleed a lot and have him upset because we have quote a few teeth to go. We made a compromise that he would wiggle it all day Tuesday and after soccer Tuesday night, I'd pull it. Well, it had other plans. He was playing with a friend after school and his friend's arm hit his mouth and out came his tooth. I was out of town for work and Kevin texted me a picture of him when he picked him up. I called and he was so excited! He also told me he wanted the Tooth Fairy to leave him Pokemon cards, so it's a good thing the fairy had a chance to stop by Target before soccer!

It was so yucky out Friday night, so we stayed in and had family game night. K.C. picked Monopoly and Kaden wanted to play Battleship, so we played both. It's so fun playing games with them even if it is slightly stressful. We may have quite a competitive family.

I had a race Saturday morning and Kevin and the boys went with me. They typically go to most of my races, but the last few have worked out too close to soccer games. It was a treat to see them at the finish line. I finished the race in 19:54 and was first female and second overall.

Krispy Kreme was right by the race, so we stopped there after and got doughnuts. I'm definitely not one that goes by there often -- as much as I'd like to -- so it was a real treat. The boys, especially Kaden, were in heaven. Kaden told us he'd turn into a doughnut if he could!

We spent the rest of the morning and part of the afternoon just fooling around at home. It was nice. Later that day, the boys took me shopping. My birthday is Friday and so we went to look at a few things. We ended up stopping by Kevin's parents and went to our favorite Italian restaurant in town for dinner with them.

On Saturday night we went to the rodeo with my family. To tell you the truth, I wasn't too pepped about going because it started late, I had gotten up early, and I really didn't know if the kids would enjoy it or not. We haven't had good luck with them at things like that - you know, things like the circus and Disney On Ice, and even a Clemson game for that matter. They loved it though! K.C. liked the big lawn mower that drove around the dirt and Kaden liked the horses and bull riding.

Yesterday was really good, too. Out of the years we've taught Sunday School, are kids were better yesterday than they've ever been. We start at 9:45 and if I can keep their attention until 10:10, I feel accomplished. Yesterday, we talked about Jesus, read the Easter story, and used our Resurrection Eggs until about 10:40! I think they really got something out of it, too. I don't know exactly what I'm supposed to do with these little people, but I do know they are precious and I want seeds to be planted in their lives that will grow and mature as they grow.

During church, Kaden was sitting in my lap. I have a notebook I write notes in and he wanted to help me. As he was writing, he began to draw the contents of the Resurrection Eggs which tell the story of Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection. It warms my heart to see how God is working in the hearts of our little guys and molding them into the people He wants them to become.

After church, we had some leftovers and played. We also dyed Easter eggs and had an egg hunt.

Weeks and weekends like this one make my heart so happy and full!

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