I can't believe my precious little baby is SIX today. I've tried denying it as long as I can, but the day is here and he is six, excited, and proud.

Dear Kaden,

Sweet boy, I can't believe today marks your sixth birthday! It seems like just yesterday you were toddling around with a bottle, wanting to be rocked, and falling asleep as soon as the car started. Today, you're a big boy in kindergarten who loves life so fiercely.

You are a dream come true. You are just the easiest child, Kaden. You love to laugh, to smile, and to love, and all those things make Daddy and me love you so much. You are a treasure.

As you like to tell me, it's good that you're growing up and it is, but it also makes this mama's heart sad because every day, you're less and less a little one and are turning into such a big boy. And oh, buddy, am I proud of you!

You love school and have had an awesome year in kindergarten. There's still a quarter to go, but you already know all of your words and your teacher has sent home the first grade words for you to start learning. You are a fast learner and a perfectionist, two traits that will carry you far.

You are full of spunk and we love it. You are so silly and funny and love to make us laugh. You also are so sweet, kind, and gentle. You are the first one to make sure everyone is ok and you give the best hugs and kisses. You are a sharer and oftentimes, we find ourselves wondering why you share the things you do with your brother like your gifts as soon as you get them and other things that you really love. Your giving spirit is one of my favorite things about you.

You love Jesus and hearing you say your little prayers at night makes my heart swell with joy and tears fill my eyes. You know what it means to be a Christian and you firmly believe that God will take care of you. You pray for boo boos, school, our family, and even a little sister.

You are the life of the party. Every body just adores you. You're outgoing, spirited, and full of fun. You are the center of attention more often than not.

A daredevil you are as well. You are fearless which is good, but also quite scary. You love to ride your bike and scooter and excel in every sport. This spring, particularly, we've started to see a competitive drive in you we hadn't seen before. It makes Daddy and me both excited as we're pretty competitive, too.

You still love to cook with me in the kitchen every night and I hope this is something we'll continue to do as you grow up. Those special conversations in the car are some of my favorites, too.

You are the best brother to K.C. You look up to him so much and he loves you so much. You and your brother have such a special bond and I pray it always stays that way. You're built in best friends and always have each other's back.

You are an incredible son, too. It makes me so proud to call you mine. You are an answered prayer. If I could have dreamed up sons for myself, I would have imagined them just like you and your brother. I am one blessed mama.

Thank you for always being you, for your snuggles, your hugs, and your laughter. I can't wait to watch you grow this sixth year. You are my heart.

I love you more than words can say!

Love always,

Your Annabelle

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