A Fun Clemson Weekend

We had a great weekend! On Friday, we got the kids out of school a little early and headed to the Upstate to spend the weekend with my sister and go to the Clemson game.

Our first stop was my sister's townhouse. I've only seen it via FaceTime, so I was excited to see it in person. It's so cute! She was waiting on the porch for us when we drove up. The boys were excited to see her! She also had some cute treats for them (and us) which was really sweet!

We let the kids run around a while and burn some energy from the car ride before heading to downtown Clemson to look around. I got two cute game day outfits.

As soon as we planned the trip, Stephanie told us about a barbecue place she wanted to take us called The Smokin' Pig. It's been named one of the best barbecue places and after eating there, I can see why. We had to wait about an hour for a table, but it was worth it; even the boys agreed. Plus, the crisp fall air and complimentary sweet tea while we waited weren't bad.

We got up early Saturday morning to head to Death Valley to tailgate and watch the game. My parents' and Stephanie's boyfriend's parents all drove up that morning, so we enjoyed tailgating together. My dad, Kevin, the boys, and I walked down to watch the band walk by and the boys got their picture with the Tiger.

The last time we took the boys to a game, they had just turned 4 and 6 and were scared of the cannons that go off after every touchdown and kick off. I was a little worried that they'd be the same way now, but thankfully, we had no tears (about that) and they just covered their ears.

The game started off pretty slow, but as soon as K.C. and I went out to get some Dippin Dots, our team started to score and ended up scoring two touchdowns before we made it back to our seats with his snack and Kaden's snow cone.

We ended up winning the game by quite a few points.

After the game, we ran down on the field. Between the two of them, the boys got 18 autographs. They were so excited!

We tailgated some more after the game before grabbing some pizza and eating at Stephanie's.

We didn't have a whole lot of time on Sunday given that we had to drive home, but the boys really wanted to hike. There's a place called Stumphouse Mountain not far above Walhalla, SC, which was about a 45-minute drive from Clemson, that has a number of trails, a tunnel and the Isaqueena Falls. The boys LOVED it. We hiked three trails including one that went to the bottom of the Falls. It was just gorgeous!

Our fun weekend was complete with a stop at Fuddrucker's (Kevin's favorite) in Greenville.

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