It's Thursday which means a lot of randomness from me!

We took down all the Halloween this week and replaced it with Thanksgiving. The kids like decorating for holidays (I'm assuming they like it. I like it and make a big deal out of it, so they think it's awesome. Side note = At what point does my making a big deal out of things become things they don't like?). While Kevin was putting our pumpkins and Halloween decorations in the attic and I was putting the Thanksgiving wreath on the door, I gave the boys a few decorations and told them to have fun. Said decorations all ended up on one table. I think it's safe to say our boys don't have a future in interior design.

When is fall weather going to get to SC? My kids are wearing shorts to school today. The high is in the low 80s today and tomorrow. I'm in a sleeveless top for work. It's November 5th. Clearly, something is wrong with this picture. I'm not complaining - in fact, I love warm weather - but seriously, I don't want to be singing Christmas carols in my bathing suit.

I need to break up with Amazon.  I was talking to Kayla earlier today and telling her how I need to quit Amazon. The convenience of ordering whatever I want whenever I want it and having it show up on my doorstep in two days with free shipping thanks to Amazon Prime makes me unable to end my relationship with this mega retailer. 

Is it sad that I sit in my car and read at lunch?  I don't always have time to take a real lunch, but when I do (and I'm not running to Target or Chickfila), I love to sit in my car and read. I secretly look forward to this hour a few times a week.

Bolthouse Farms is my new addiction. Some may choose Starbucks, but I'll almost always choose a green smoothie. I like coffee, but I'm trying to kick the caffeine. I've purchased Daily Greens and Green Goodness this week and I'm addicted to both. I don't know if it's the time change or upping my intake of veggies and fruits, but I feel more energized this week. My skin also feels softer! (And no, this isn't a sponsored post!)

Why is it so hard to decide where to eat? Can you tell I'm hungry? When Kevin and I are going out to eat, we have the toughest time deciding where to go. In his defense, I'm the picky eater. All Japanese, Chinese, and seafood are off the table. I wish there was an easier way to decide. He's pretty mellow about food and I'm pretty not, so it's not very easy. One place we always agree on is Chickfila which means we visit there way more than any sane person should. But it's good! And did you hear, they're introducing new sauces? I'm ready to try the Garlic and Herb Ranch.


What's on your mind this Thursday afternoon?