Christmas 2015

I can't believe it's been three weeks since Christmas! The holidays seem like a blur to me this year. We were sick during the break, but still managed to have a really nice Christmas and were able to relax with our family.

I love it when the boys' are filled with the excitement of Christmas Eve! We have fun making cookies for Santa and putting out reindeer food.

K.C. woke up before 6am ready to see what he received. We (and by we I mean Kevin) had to coax him back to sleep (or bed) for a while longer. When he couldn't stand it any longer, we woke up Kaden and the boys' ran downstairs to see what Santa left.

Their big gift from Santa this year was an XBox One. We were a little apprehensive about purchasing another gaming system because let's face it, if you have little boys, they want to play more than they should. For the most part, the kids' are good about it, but sometimes, especially on the weekend as we don't usually let them play during the week, they'll want to play more (I know I was the same way about things when I was little, so I can't blame them!). That said, the XBox is going great. They love playing Minecraft (which I still don't understand) and FIFA with Kevin.

They also asked for legos, other Minecraft toys, and surprises. I think they were happy boys!

We decided to give them a Disney trip as their main gift from us! We go in a few weeks and I just can't wait! Their reaction, though, wasn't exactly commercial worthy!

After we're up and have opened our gifts, our parents and my sister always come over for breakfast. We decided to wait until they were there to give them the Disney vacation. They all had their phones out ready to video and as the boys opened the big box with a big balloon and other Disney items, the boys just looked a little stunned and didn't quite get it. It was only after pointing out Mickey and where he lives that they understood. Mom Fail! The reaction to the MagicBands coming in the mail was quite different and I wish I had recorded that!

On Christmas Eve, we celebrate with Kevin's family. His parents always do an awesome fondue dinner that we look forward to all year long. While I'm thinking about it, I think we should ask to start a new fondue tradition in the summer! After dinner, we all go upstairs to read the Christmas Story and 'Twas the Night Before Christmas as we wait for Santa to come fill our stockings. The looks on all the children's faces when they hear Santa come in are priceless!

We spent Christmas Day at my family's where we exchange gifts with them and then go to my grandma's for dinner with extended family. My mom makes ham delights for breakfasts and we just lounge around. It's nice!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!