Five on Friday | 01.29.16

This has been a great week! I had to be in Orlando for work, so we decided to make a family trip out of it and take the boys to Disney World for the first time. I'll have a full recap up next week after I dive through the thousands of photos we have, but for now, here are five snapshots from our week.

1| We were able to see family on Monday! My cousin lives in Tampa, so on Monday, she and her son drive over to see us. The boys all had fun riding rides together. 

2| Fireworks! Fireworks are always fun, but watching them with music makes them even more magical. While I love the display at Magic Kingdom, the Starwars show at Hollywood Studios was incredible! 

3| Watching the boys train to be Jdfi Knights. On our way back to our resort one night, a woman sitting by me on the bus mentioned the Jedi Training Experience at Hollywood Studios. The next morning, we jetted over to the park and stood in line for nearly an hour, but the boys made it into the show... At 5:10 that day. They were so excited, and it really was a cute experience! 

4| Motivation and rejuvenation for my professional and personal life. As I mentioned previously, the main reason we had to go to Florida was for a conference for work. I work in the higher ed industry in marketing and PR and this conference has been wonderful. It's been full of great insights to my industry as well as a time of rejuvenation for my enthusiasm for what I do (which I love). 

5| Spending a whole week with my family without (many) interruptions. Hands down, the best part of this past week has been spending so much uninterrupted time with my family. Sure, we took the kids out of school for the week and have been doing schoolwork each day so they're in good shape Monday, and yes, I have had to work, but prior to my conference, we've had so much time to spend together without the stressors and responsibilities of normal life. No cooking, no cleaning, no early bedtime, no soccer, no strict schedule, no laundry.... You get the point. My family is just the best and I'm so thankful we've had a week of fun together!