Five On Friday | 2.5.16 Edition

It's time for Five On Friday, one of my favorite posts of the week!

1. The kindness of others. Prior to blogging about the huge loss we experienced, only our family, close friends, and a few close work associates knew. One of my favorite ad reps stopped by Tuesday afternoon to let me know she'd been on my heart and left a gift. It's a beautiful silver bracelet with a "faith" charm. This simple act of kindness means more than she'll ever know.

2. Reading with my boys. I love to read and I love that our boys enjoy it. Kaden brought home a Magic Tree House book as part of his school's AR program. He was so excited that he can read these on his own now (K.C. has been reading them a few years and we have almost all of them, but Kaden can check them out at school now, so that's cool!). I had fun finishing the book with him.

3. Hart of Dixie. Have you seen this show? I am addicted. We found it on Netflix a few weeks ago and have watched an episode or two almost every night. It's funny and heart-warming at the same time.

4. Joanna Gaines FAVORITED my tweet! I don't tweet much (hardly ever). It's my least favorite social media platform of those I use, but after my conference last week and a chapter in Unmarketing by Scott Stratten) who actually REPLIED to one of my tweets, I decided I'd give it a go.
       Side note: If you'd like to connect, you can find me using the links below.

5. Getting to run again. It's been nice getting back to my normal exercise. I'm not doing anything crazy, but I would like to race again soon. It's totally crazy, I'm sure, but I don't want to race again until I'm back to my regular speed. I had a few really good runs this week including an awesome speed workout of .25m repeats averaging about 1:28 each, so I feel like I'm good to go.