Flashback to the 90s

A few days ago, Kayla and I were talking about gifts for kids birthday parties which led to a conversation about toys we used to play with as kids. So many of these toys are making a comeback or have to be the inspiration behind some of today's hot toys. Having little boys, I haven't had the opportunity to purchase any of these for my house, but I have had fun picking up a few toys I loved for friends' kids.

Here are some of my favorites:

Puppy Surprise
Puppy Surprise Roxy Plush 

I used to absolutely love my Puppy Surprise. In fact, there are two Puppy Surprises, a Kitty Surprise, Bunny Surprise, and Pony Surprise in my parents' attic. I remember getting each of them too. Once, after being a really, really brave five year-old jumping off the diving board in the deep end of the pool, my mom bought me a Puppy Surprise for a treat and it had five puppies inside. I loved that you could buy individual babies as well. Anytime my mom and grandma would go shopping, they'd drop my granddad and me off at Toys 'R Us and he'd let me get a new baby.

Polly Pocket

Another of my favorite toys was Polly Pocket. I can remember playing with these during church with my friend and getting in trouble. I hope my mom still has all of mine!

Barbie Dream House

One of my favorite gifts ever was a three-story Barbie Dream House with an elevator that Santa brought. I played with this for hours. I loved getting Barbie dressed up to go out on a date with Ken. And of course, he'd pick her up in the red Barbie convertible!


If I remember correctly, my sister is the one who really got me into Furby. I can still hear the noise it made!


Please tell me I'm not the only person who had a Tamagotchi. I used to love this toy. I also discovered that there is now an app -- I may have to download it!

Game Boy

Another one of my favorites is the Game Boy. I still have mine -- it works! I got it out one day to show the boys, but they weren't very interested in it. I guess nowadays, kids have cool things like PSPs to play.

What are some of your old favorite things?