Why the Monday after the Super Bowl should be a holiday

It's Monday, the Monday after the Super Bowl specifically. And today, I've decided that the day after the Super Bowl should be a holiday, or at least, a day to go in late. Or, maybe I shouldn't blame the Super Bowl and just blame Monday for a slow start to my week. Regardless, here are a few reasons why the day after the Super Bowl should be a little different:

1. The alarm went off too early... and I hit snooze a few too many times which turned into us getting up at 6:45. We have to leave our house at 7:20 to get the boys to school on time. Thank you to my Belgian waffle maker that makes four at a time, two little boys who are usually quick to get ready, and a husband who makes mornings so much easier... everyday.

2. I didn't get to work out this morning. I stayed up late, way late, last night because you know, Tina Fey came on after the Super Bowl and well, I think she's funny. Then I went to bed and scrolled thru my phone way too long. All that to say, my 6:00am alarm to get in a few miles was snoozed, and with a really busy work day, I didn't have a chance to workout.

3. You need time to recover, specially from bad commercials. Each year, I look forward to the commercials during the Super Bowl. This year, there were a quite a few good ones, but also some that have me questing who the ad director is--> I'm talking you #puppymonkeybaby, which, at first view, looked really interesting and was catching (the point), but after seeing it a second time following the game, I was just disturbed. In my book, Apartments.com hit a home run with #MovinOnUp.