Thursday, March 24, 2016

10 Random Things About Me

I enjoy a good random post every now and then, so in the midst of this busy week, a random post feels good. Here are ten random things about me.

1. I used to figure skate. When I was 6 and Kristi Yamaguchi won the Olympics in Albertville, France, I fell in love with figure skating. A few years later, an amateur hockey team made its home near my hometown and I started skating. I loved it and skated competitively for a few years.

2. I am scared of elevators. I know, it's a pretty irrational fear, but I don't like closed spaces. The ones with double doors don't bother me that much, but I'll do nearly anything to avoid riding in them. I do have to say I've gotten much better over the years, but I won't ride alone.

3. I can't eat anything out of the water. I know, it stinks. I can't tell you how much I really want to eat crab and shrimp during the summer, but it's not going to happen.

4. I've always been a girly girl, but I love the outdoors. Growing up, I don't remember too much about playing inside. Instead, I remember exploring the outdoors with my friends and cousins.

5. I wanted to be a cardiothoracic surgeon. Yes, you read that correctly. It was a dream of mine for years, but one day, the sight of blood started bothering me which ended that dream (and my recordings of Super Surgery on Discovery Health).

6. I finished high school early, college when I was 20 and had my MBA by 22. While it was the right choice for me, I don't think I'd encourage many others to do the same. I've always been in a rush and wish I had taken more time to just breathe. At the same time, I know I'm where I am in my career in part due to those decisions. It's hard to believe I'll be out of college for 10 years this May!

7. I really like to celebrate things. I make a big deal (in a positive way) about little things too. There's not ever a good reason not to celebrate.

8. I smile 99.9% of the time. 

9. I'm extremely hard on myself. I expect a lot of myself and try to do it all. While it can be helpful, this isn't the best trait. I'm working on it.

10. I like to improve. This goes back to #9. I like to look for things that I can improve upon. I feel like we all have room for growth and improvement and the process excites me.

There you have it - ten random things about me. What's something random about you?

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Life Lately 3.23.16 Edition

It's been far too long since I've written anything in this space. Life is good... and full! Here's a peek at some of the things we've been up to lately.

Soccer is going well. The boys have both improved so much this season. K.C. has scored two goals this season and Kaden's been excellent on defense.

I got to read to the boys' classes during Read Across America week. I enjoy volunteering at their school.

K.C. lost another tooth!

We celebrated K.C.'s teacher's upcoming wedding with a surprise shower thrown by his class.

Kaden got in on the fun!

This picture is just too cute not to post. I took the boys to pick out party supplies for Kevin's birthday and Kaden chose shamrock necklaces for he and Kevin (see below). 

We celebrated Kevin's birthday with our family.

We had our first Easter Egg Hunt of the season at church Sunday night. The egg limit per child was 8. I think we made it home with about 30 eggs. You do the math.

I'll be back more regularly, soon!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Ten Things for Your Friday

I can't believe it's Friday already. This week has flown! It's been a great week, too. Here are a few snippets from our week.

one| Last weekend night, we went bowling with my family. It was such an impromptu thing and so much fun! Might I add, Kevin won (of course) and I got a strike!

two| I feel like my running mojo has returned. I ran 17 miles last week and am on track to do that (or more) this week. I've gotten my 5K within about 30 seconds of where I used to be. I've been running it hard and then tacking on a mile or so more at a slower pace. My stamina feels good, my legs feel stronger, and overall, I'm really happy with it.

three| The Tooth Fairy visited our house again this week. K.C. lost another tooth. He told me he knew the Tooth Fairy was real because there was no way Kevin and I could leave the money without him knowing. 

four| I am in love with this Spring-like weather! It's been in the upper 70's all week. Please don't leave, sunshine and warmth!

five| Tomorrow is Kevin's birthday and I can't wait to celebrate him!

six| These guys. 

seven| Barefoot. I finished reading this book by Elin Hilderbrand this week. It was the first novel of her's that I've read and I fell in love with her writing. I can't wait to read another of her books.

eight| JIF Salted Caramel Hazelnut Spread is the most delicious thing I've tried lately. Kaden likes to have Nutella dates and we were out of Nutella, but the regular Nutella jars were too high for me to reach in the grocery store so I ended up with this. And it may just be divine. Kaden wasn't crazy about it which resulted in picking up some Nutella earlier this week, but I am already addicted.

nine| We have two vacations for the summer planned and I am so excited about them. This nice, Spring weather isn't helping either. I can't wait!

ten| I don't want to wish the weekend away by any means, but I am pretty excited for Monday night's edition of The Bachelor. I admit it, I am hooked. Three years ago, I wouldn't even watch the show, but then one night, it was on and I was bored and one thing led to another and, well, I like it, even if I'm ashamed to admit it. My husband does too, so that doesn't make it as bad, right? Not that I've read any spoilers, but I'm rooting for Lauren!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Books I Can't Wait to Read

I love to read and I love spring and summer when new books by my favorite writers are released! Here are a few I can't wait to read.

I read my first Debbie Macomber book, Last One Home, in January and loved it. This books predominately follows two of the characters in Last One Home. I can't wait to pick it up!

Mary Alice Monroe is one of my all-time favorite writers. Her books are always so engaging. I think I've read nearly every book she's written (and just picked up one I hadn't read). A Lowcountry Wedding is the third novel in the Lowcounty Summer Series. If it's anything like the first two, it won't disappoint. It comes out on May 3rd which means it will be a great gift for Mother's Day (hint, hint).

If you haven't read anything by Dorothea Benton Frank, you need to. She is also one of my favorite writers. Her new novel, All Summer Long, comes out May 31st, right in time for one of our summer beach trips. I can't wait to read this on the beach. 

I have read every single book written by Emily Giffin. I've also loved every single one. In June, First Comes Love will be published. I can't wait for it!

What are some of your favorite books?

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Welcome, March!

I can't believe it's already March! This year is flying. I'm thankful that spring is just around the corner.

March is a fun month and we have many things to look forward to.
  • Kevin's birthday is next week. I'm looking forward to celebrating him!
  • The boys' spring soccer season is in full swing. I love watching them play. They had a game last night and both played great. K.C. even scored a goal!
  • We have a party to go to at the beach for Kevin's cousin who recently got married.
  • My cousin is getting married, which should be a fun wedding.
  • Easter!

Before I move on to my March goals, here's how I did with my February goals.

1| Read two books. This, unfortunately, didn't happen. It sounds odd to say, but most of my reading is done at lunch and this past month, I didn't take many real lunch breaks because we had a lot going on. I did start Barefoot by Elin Hilderbrand a few days ago and love it. I'm almost done with it.

2 | Get back to my regular exercise. I did this and it feels so good! I'm back to running 3-4 days per week which feels great. I feel much stronger and normal. 

3 | Clean out my kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, and workout room/office upstairs. I'm going to go ahead and say this was a success, though I didn't finish it all (office). It really is a big undertaking to clean out everything. 

4| Decorate my office.  I'm not quite finished with it, but this was a success. I picked up a new piece of art for the wall, moved around a few things, and organized a good bit. There are a few minor things I want to add/do, so I plan to do them as I have time.

5| Try at least one new recipe each week.  I did pretty good with this. I've been cooking more lately and I really enjoy it!

6| Get a massage. We did this. It was great!

7| Make our Disney album. I didn't even start this.

My goals for March are:

1 | Read two books.

2| Finish reading through the Bible. This has been a goal of mine for a while and it's also on my 30 Before 30 List (I'll be 30 next month! Eek!)

3| Organize the upstairs office/desk. 

4| Get started on the boys' bathroom. Pick a paint color for their bedroom.

5| Plan Kaden's birthday.

6| Make our Disney album and get caught up on the boys' albums.