Ten Things for Your Friday

I can't believe it's Friday already. This week has flown! It's been a great week, too. Here are a few snippets from our week.

one| Last weekend night, we went bowling with my family. It was such an impromptu thing and so much fun! Might I add, Kevin won (of course) and I got a strike!

two| I feel like my running mojo has returned. I ran 17 miles last week and am on track to do that (or more) this week. I've gotten my 5K within about 30 seconds of where I used to be. I've been running it hard and then tacking on a mile or so more at a slower pace. My stamina feels good, my legs feel stronger, and overall, I'm really happy with it.

three| The Tooth Fairy visited our house again this week. K.C. lost another tooth. He told me he knew the Tooth Fairy was real because there was no way Kevin and I could leave the money without him knowing. 

four| I am in love with this Spring-like weather! It's been in the upper 70's all week. Please don't leave, sunshine and warmth!

five| Tomorrow is Kevin's birthday and I can't wait to celebrate him!

six| These guys. 

seven| Barefoot. I finished reading this book by Elin Hilderbrand this week. It was the first novel of her's that I've read and I fell in love with her writing. I can't wait to read another of her books.

eight| JIF Salted Caramel Hazelnut Spread is the most delicious thing I've tried lately. Kaden likes to have Nutella dates and we were out of Nutella, but the regular Nutella jars were too high for me to reach in the grocery store so I ended up with this. And it may just be divine. Kaden wasn't crazy about it which resulted in picking up some Nutella earlier this week, but I am already addicted.

nine| We have two vacations for the summer planned and I am so excited about them. This nice, Spring weather isn't helping either. I can't wait!

ten| I don't want to wish the weekend away by any means, but I am pretty excited for Monday night's edition of The Bachelor. I admit it, I am hooked. Three years ago, I wouldn't even watch the show, but then one night, it was on and I was bored and one thing led to another and, well, I like it, even if I'm ashamed to admit it. My husband does too, so that doesn't make it as bad, right? Not that I've read any spoilers, but I'm rooting for Lauren!