This weekend was just the best. The best. Hands down, one of the bests I've had lately (not that mine have been bad; this one was just that good).

The weekend started with taking dinner to a sweet friend and her family. She just had a baby girl who couldn't have been any more precious. I made poppy seed chicken casserole and hash brown casserole and took salad, rolls, and cupcakes. The boys had a blast seeing their friends!

We went on a "family date" to Mellow Mushroom after visiting with our friends and got a pizza. After dinner, the boys wanted to go to Target. They each had some money that was burning a hole in their pockets.


Saturday was a really fun day. We started the morning at the ArtFields 5K. This was my first race since September. I was so nervous! I used to get slightly nervous before races, but haven't lately. Not racing for almost seven months made me nervous again. I wasn't sure how fast I'd be, so I was shooting for around 20:30. I believe I ran a 20:04 last year and since I haven't been pushing it as much, I thought I'd be a little slower.

I had a great run and was thrilled with my finish. Not only did I do better than I expected, I broke 20 minutes in the race and finished in 19:57.

The sweetest part was having out little Kaden run in with me. This race is a color run (definitely not my favorite - I always say no to color when I get to each station), but Kaden wanted to get colored. Kevin, the boys, and my mom were about 100 yards from the finish line and he ran in with me and had a blast.

After a cool down run with some friends, we waited for the awards and watched Kaden completely cover himself in color. He just loves it. K.C. watched from a safe distance!

We walked around the green after the awards and then had lunch.

After lunch, we checked out some of the art in the competition.

That afternoon, Kevin and the boys went fishing with my dad and my sister's boyfriend while I hung out with my mom and sister. We rode up to the pond where they were fishing to see how they were doing and then went to get some fresh strawberries. Kaden decided he wanted to go with us and picked a basket of strawberries all by himself.

We ate dinner at my parents and hung out for the rest of the night.

With the exception of church on Sunday, we stayed outside all day. We went to my in-laws for lunch and visited with them most of the afternoon.

When we got home, I went for a run while the boys played outside with our neighbors. When I got back, they had a big bucket sitting in our drive way and in it was a snake! I am petrified of anything that crawls (lizards) or slithers (snakes). Thankfully, it was a harmless snake, but the kids and Kevin were fascinated and touched it as I screamed.

After dinner, the boys asked to watch Fixer Upper, so we did that before giving them baths and getting them to bed.

Weekends like this one make me yearn for summer and endless weekends.

What fun things did you do this weekend?

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