PREGNANCY | Weeks 4-8

I really want to document this pregnancy, so if that's not your thing, you may want to skip this post.

At first, I planned to do weekly updates, but as sick as I've been, I didn't do a great job of taking a picture every week.

Up until this point, it seems like most of my symptoms have stayed consistent, though they've been in varying degrees.

Weeks: 4-8

Weight Gain: I'm not sure. I didn't have my first real OB appointment until 10 weeks.

What's Happening: Baby is growing! My hCG doubled like crazy. We've seen our sweet baby via ultrasound three times!

Feeling: Pregnant. Four days after I found out about the baby, I started being sick. As someone who's not normally ill, it is taking its toll. I'm thankful for a healthy baby! I'm taking a progesterone supplement which makes me feel really bloated and nauseous, too. I'm more tired that normal, but that's to be expected.

Sleep: I'm sleeping really good! We were on vacation during Week 8 and I slept about three hours every afternoon.

Wearing: My shorts are getting tighter. I don't think I've gained weight, but I'm definitely bloated.

Exercise: None. I was running 4-5 hard miles about five days a week when I found out I was pregnant. I was able to keep running for about a week before the extreme nausea entered. Since then, I've been advised not to sweat to keep my barely hydrated body hydrated.

Eating: Whatever I feel like I can keep down. Biscuits, cereal, and potatoes, mostly. Protein is not my friend.

Missing: My normal appetite and energy. If I liked to lounge around, it would be awesome. Not feeling well enough to do anything normally including playing with our boys has really taken its toll on me.

Thoughts: Pregnancy is very different than I anticipated. While I'm not naive enough to think I wouldn't deal with the usual symptoms, I've been shocked at how fast the all-day sickness started. I'm thankful for this baby and if that means I'm sick every day until January 16, so be it. I've also learned to throw all my expectations out of the window. Women are so quick to judge and say what they would or wouldn't do in a certain situation and I've found that until you're faced with it, you won't know what you'd really do.