I can't believe summer is over. On one hand, it feels like it went by in a flash, and on the other, it feels like it was the longest summer ever.

We had a really nice summer overall. The summer really started out with a bang when we found out we were blessed with a healthy pregnancy! Telling the boys that they are going to be big brothers was really exciting! We wrote letters on individual cards that they had to unscramble that read "Big Brothers - January 2017!"

Our first trip of the summer was to Sapelo Island, GA. I've told you about Sapelo before. It is a magical place! Given that there isn't really anything to do, we took advantage of the relaxation. We lounged on the beach, slept late, and spent afternoons in the boat watching dolphins and attempting to catch fish. One day, we even saw a manatee!

We were home a week and then headed to the beach for a week with my family. The boys had a blast! They enjoyed boogie boarding, boat riding, fishing, playing putt putt, and going to the arcade. We went shell hunting one morning and found a few nice conchs, too!

Checkers was the game of the summer!

This boy lost one of his top front teeth and a few weeks later, lost the other!

In late July, we spent another week at the beach with Kevin's family. I was getting to the point where I wasn't sick daily during this time, so I was able to enjoy being on the beach some as long as there was a breeze and umbrella. This was another nice, low-key beach week.

All throughout our vacations, I couldn't help but think that our next year beach vacations will look different as we'll have our third baby boy with us!

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